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  1. An Update, had a few phone interviews with Higher Education Administrative jobs Upstate (no 2nd Interview), and 2 upcoming ones at a non-profit Upstate and one major museum in NYC. But you know, even these college jobs salaries are high 20's/low 30's!! It's cheaper to stay in NYC in my peaceful apartment share. I have a problem with Expectations in Life for my age. I want the suburban domestic family life. But I also want a multi-cultural, contemporary art-filled, 'real' ethnic food life for a family that I want to have one day. It shouldn't have to be "give up my strong interests and tryi
  2. I also shouldn't assume certain things about upstate mindset, I have a few friends there of mixed ethnicities and they are happy, bought houses. As far as my family, they are a bit sheltered. Not like NYCers aren't sheltered in their own communities either, I just interact with mostly young liberal people. Also, not like NYCers haven't met their partners, married, or have kids here. I unfortunately haven't had much luck.. I wonder about FOMO (Fear of Missing out), there are tons of lovely experiences that I find joy in and seek out in the city and want to constantly learn. Really in the
  3. My Environment: Intellectually Challenged/ Physically Exhausted. Some background: Child of Immigrant Asian parents, grew up outside of a medium-sized city, total privileged suburban childhood & education. All I wanted after college was to work in NYC museums, live near my diverse NYC friends. Feel like I've “found” a few good friends "my people,"- children of immigrant families , co-workers who are adventurous ethnic foodies, international and socially aware. Living a quiet life, really good rent & roommate, travel a bit, for the past 14years. Did my Masters a few years ago in Ar
  4. Cancel the progress with this. People still sniff around me, mostly during silences during our conversations, when they pass me in the hallway, * * * ?! At least while they're speaking to me, the sniffing stops, and if I continue to engage them, it mostly stops. Crazy! People have waaay too much time on their hands. And interestingly enough, overheard 2 girls talking about meeting up over the weekend. One was disappointed that she wasn't invited to another thing later on in the night and started sniffing. The other one goes, don't even think about making (can't remember the exact word)
  5. Glad to hear that this happens. It's soo immature. I started sniffing around certain co-workers (I know, just as immature. Because I'm too non-confrontational, and also b/c I don't care to put in the extra effort in asking that person "If they have a cold." or "If they need a tissue.") But it seems to have worked a bit. That and that I work with a big staff and certain people's schedule's changed. I also feel certain relationships with people changed for the positive, and it's happening a little less. I've made more of an effort to be friendly with management and some co-workers. Even if i
  6. I just wrote a thread about trying to get along with co-workers, being an introverted person. This is an extension of that, sort of. I know this is going to sound strange, but I actually found a similar post on yahoo answers. So this has happened to other working professionals. Some of my co-workers intentionally sniff or cough at me. It's happened enough times where it's fairly obvious. I'm not exactly sure what they're implying, do they have a bad cold? do I smell? am I stuck up? do I have something in my nose? It just reinforces the maturity level in my department. Sometimes managers
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