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  1. I wouldn't say I've already made up my mind. I am trying to figure out what is right for our whole family and help my husband. I have some concerns, for sure - I was hoping someone might have something to offer in terms of those concerns. Has anyone used legal medical marijuana before? Handled it with children? Employers? I definitely lean toward one side on the issue, I admitted that straight away. I am really looking for some solid guidance. My husband and I seldom drink, and don't use drugs. We have clear goals of how we want to raise our children. Even if the employer situation could be dealt with, I don't know how I would want to handle this with the kids. Any ideas there?
  2. I am not assuming he would be fired, but because he is offered no protection under the law, and works in a potentially dangerous industry, I find it doubtful that he would be accommodated. I worked in human resources for most of my career. Worker's compensation insurance will not cover those who fail drug tests. That is not an assumption, but a fact. If he worked in an office environment, where the risk of injury were significantly lower, his chances of finding an empathetic boss would be much greater. There are safety concerns when you operate equipment. Also, he absolutely does not want to communicate openly with his employer. They aren't aware of his disease in the first place. He will not be trading marijuana for the other medications. He plans to continue with those as well. I'm not convinced he will become an addict. I think he already has a tendency to misuse meds. Again with the children, he plans to continue the other meds. Pot is still pot. It is just something we need to consider. We need to have a plan for how to explain the medicinal purpose versus recreational use, etc. Although our children are young now, they won't be forever. It's more something we need to consider than an outright deal breaker. My husband being high around the children, is a greater concern. I didn't partake because, at the time, medical marijuana was not legal in our state. I could manage the chemo side effects without it, so I chose to do so. Not everyone gets the same relief from the meds.
  3. This boils down to one of the key problems we've had with handling his disease. I seek information, he prefers to run from it. I got this information from our state website. He says, "it's not that way." Of course, the state does not REQUIRE employers to accommodate, which I suppose means some might. But in carpentry, it's doubtful. He'd rather just take his chances. I tried to explain that the chances aren't his, they are our families. Right now, we are at an impasse on this issue. The way his has chosen to cope or not to cope, with this disease, has already burdened our family, particularly in the last few months. While I want him to have some effective treatment, I feel this puts our family in jeopardy.
  4. I posted not too long ago about my husband's central core disease and the difficulty we were having within our marriage regarding his treatment and medication. Everything has gotten a bit better during the last few weeks, in part because I've been able to get our attention better focused on our 6 month old daughter who likely has CCD as well. My husband had a doctor's appointment last week and his doctor increased his Tramadol (Ultram) and Vicodin. He is now taking 6 Tramadol (50mg) per day and 3 Vicodin (10mg). She wasn't comfortable raising the Vicodin anymore at this time. She had doubled the strength in October, so I can understand this decision. I hope that this might curb my husband's need to make frequent trips to his mom's house, but in all honesty, he was already taking more than 3 per day before the dose was changed. Anyhow, my husband is very eager to get a medical marijuana card. It is legal in our state. His mom has a card for the same disease. He sees the same doctor as his mom and obtaining the card should not be a problem. I have real reservations about the card, and I'm hoping that I can get some additional perspective here. Let me just state my perspective... I am very much in support of medical marijuana, but do have concerns as this relates to our family. Many individuals are pro-choice, who wouldn't consider abortion for themselves. I guess I'm in that category here. I am a cancer survivor who understands first-hand the use of medical marijuana in that application. Although I did not partake, I was one of the few in my "chemo group" who wasn't using. If I had needed it badly, I probably would have. In that instance, the use is shorter term. The Pros: * I've wanted my husband to find more effective treatment, he is convinced this is it. * It could allow my husband to be home with us more, i.e. not out getting pills. * I want my husband to feel well. * I want him to enjoy being a dad. The Cons: * Family history of addiction. Parents are users. Both siblings are serious addicts. * Previous concerns regarding his use of Vicodin. * Everyone in his family smokes. He smoked with his parents as a teenager. I believe that he would still enjoy smoking recreationally, and really gave it up to date me (he would give you other reasons). I definitely do not smoke. * Daughter is likely affected. Is this the best treatment? Is it the treatment I would want for her? Obviously not as a child, but do we want her to believe that this is THE way to feel good? That was the message my husband got from his mom throughout life. * State law does not require employers to accommodate with medical marijuana patients - meaning, if my husband fails a drug test, he will be fired. He works as a carpenter, and random drug tests are administered monthly. * I don't want to be married to a stoner. While the medical use is legal in our state, someone who is impaired, is still impaired. Legal or not, I want our kids to have a dad who isn't high. * As with the Vicodin, my husband says this will make him happy. When he starts taking about meds making him happier, I start to worry. I'm eager to hear the perspective of others here. I really want what is best for our family.
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