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  1. Also “abitbroken” how you described I tell her is exactly what I planned to do.
  2. You’re right I have to talk to her. And yes the messages were dated just this March and I’m sure there are more recent things happening on Snapchat but I cannot confirm that. Her brother is getting married Friday and her and I are going on a weekend trip with her parents and family for it starting tomorrow. I’ve been trying to hold off until after that to save the stress of the wedding. not sure if that’s the right thing to do but I just don’t want to ruin anyone else time away and celebration with her our own marital problems. But I’ve been cheated on before by previPlus girlfriends in the past and can feel myself going through the different stages right now so I’m trying to let that pass so I’m not talking with emotion and can control the conversation instead of reacting To it. Is waiting until after the wedding a bad idea?
  3. Thank you for the reply’s and advice. I’ve been sitting on This the past few days. Coming to terms and processing everything so I have a level head when I confront her. I know that somehow deep down when I confront her it’s going to hurt me just to see her hurt (if she is). Call me weak, I know but I can’t help but feel that way. She is my best friend and I just feel so betrayed and alone. She can tell something is off and must have some sort of clue about why. I’m certain I want to save the marriage, still trying to figure out how and if it’s the right move Again, thank you.
  4. IÂ’m mostly just needing to vent because IÂ’m trying to work through this and not hurt our reputation and have people talk, so thank you for this. I bought my wife and I new iPhones the other day and Sunday before church I was transferring her contacts from her old phone to her new phone via email. Well to have the file available quicker I went into the sent messages on her new phone and saw sexual messages to a guy. I kept my cool through church and the past couple days. She can tell IÂ’m upset but doesnÂ’t really know why. I love my wife more than anything and I know to bring this up is going to be painful for both of us. I have the other guys email and did research and he lives a few states away and is married. IÂ’ve thought of reaching out to him to ask him to please stop messaging my wife and just hoping for the best but I know I still have to confront my wife with this. IÂ’m just in a suspended state if you will with what to do and how to do it. Thank you
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