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  1. Ok, My coworker. He is much older. I've worked with him for 5 years. From day one I helped him, because he was new. In this time he has helped me get promoted, he was very touch feely but when I said something he stopped. He told me all about his life, he has vented to me and me to him, but his are sometimes personal issues that he vents to Me about, about his family. He would always call me on my days off to ask about work stuff. One time he called me out of the blue and he was crying because he couldn't work. Told me him and his wife are thinking of separating.
  2. You are normal. I feel really sad for you as someone close to me is going through just about the exact same thing. You will get through this. You will be ok eventually. You are a special person and if she can't see that then that's her loss. Odds are she'll continue on trying to "find herself" for her whole life and you'll end up happily married with kids and won't give her another thought. Just friendly say I can't be your friend but I wish u nothing but happiness. You want good karma after all. All the best. And take comfort in the fact there are others at this moment in time goi
  3. Thanks guys, I am much better now, at the time I posted this I was very upset. I'm still upset but can see the blessing in disguise. It seems that she did the right thing she didn't love him anymore and he's not the first person to have experienced this. Millions of people go through this everyday. Doesn't change that I know how happy he was and is devastated. That hurts the family but we will help him, it'll all be ok eventually. When one of us hurts we all hurt and it sucks but it's a part of life.
  4. Update guys, god how I laugh at this 10 years later nearly to the day. That guy was a loser. I really liked him too. What was I thinking??!!haven't seen him for about 10 years and don't wish to either. I'm currently engaged to the best person in the world. Got totally different friends too. It's funny how what's most important changes. My priorities are totally different. Family is a major one for me. All I care about is our families and their happiness, and us aswell of course.
  5. Exactly what someone who I know said when this happened to him. He said he's glad he found out before getting married as much as he's hurting, it would be worse if they had have married.
  6. This 100% hit the nail on the head I actually used to get scared that I had crushes on people other than my man, I used to think maybe this means I don't love him etc. But then I realized that love is not so much a feeling as it is a choice. I choose to marry him, I choose to committ to him every day. In all good times and yes bad aswell as there will be bad times. Cheating on someone you chose to love is a cowards way out. Instead of cheating just say you aren't happy. And no I dont mean after you've already cheated. It's ok to be unhappy with someone but don't look to someone else to wo
  7. Do me a favour and think about how you would feel if the shoe was on the other foot? If your fiance came and said to you "I'm wondering if I'll be happy with this other woman so I'm going to explore it. Sorry but I can't help how I feel". How do you think you'd feel?
  8. People like you will never be happy. You just want to blindside him and he deserves better. You won't ever have those fuzzy feelings for ever with whoever you're with because it's not real life. I've been with my fiance for 5 years. I don't have any fuzzy feelings, they were replaced by genuine love and happiness when things got boring and monotonous when we moved in together. We even fight out of frustration occasionally. I love how we can just sit around for hours and do nothing together. I love how when I'm upset he is so full of genuine care for me. And my family too. I h
  9. Well someone close to me is going through the same thing, it's been 2 weeks and all i do is worry about him. His ex fiance ended it abruptly and without warning and I feel like that's so selfish. How can someone be in a relationship, be unhappy and not say anything or even try fix it. I tell you how they are just plain selfish and I hope karma catches up with them. I'm in a relationship and I couldn't imagine not trying. I just don't get it and feel like it's the cowards way. Not just selfish but immature,and the worst part is he can have anyone he wants but he is in love with that idi
  10. Thanks for posting this, I have someone very close to me that this just happened to and we are all devastated for him. I just worry about him constantly since i found out, I worry about his mental health, my brother my best friend from day 1. He doesn't show his sadness , he isn't a blubbering mess but I constantly worry about how he's coping. He is the most kind hearted, beautiful person and definitely doesn't deserve this but who does. I don't want to force him to talk about it but I want him to know that he can talk about it whenever he wants and he can even come stay with me anyti
  11. Feel guilty for me being happy and him not being happy. Feel sad for my parents going through this with him. Feel guilty for having my engagement party coming up and expecting everyone to be happy. More than anything just guilt. It's not about anything except that, as I am happy with my fiancee who is very supportive of my family and i.
  12. I have been thinking about it and I don't hate her I'm just dissapointed because I know how much my brother loves her, she was already part of the family a long time ago. I wouldn't speak badly of her as my brother doesn't want that and it's not helpful to him or anyone. It might be weird for some people but my family isn't very big so when something like this happens it really hurts as we are all very close.
  13. The only thing I think is I am deadly scared to lose anyone who means so much to me and my brother is in that category where I feel like I worry about his mental health as we suffer anxiety in our family.
  14. My brother was with this girl for nearly 6 years and she was like a part of the family. They had a house together and were engaged until she decided she isn't in love with him anymore and out of nowhere told him it's over. Now I know no ones perfect but my brother treated her so well, he paid for lots of things and was always picking her up from somewhere or doing things for her and she says he has been taking her for granted where I see it as she has taken him for granted and I'm so mad at her it's safe to say I hate her. I've been so depressed over this I hate that she has hurt him l
  15. So here's the story. My parents decided to move out to the country while i was living at home. I went with them for a little bit and then moved out due to getting into a relationship and i wanted to be closer to work. My parents hate that i am renting. They don't help with rent, i am an adult and pay for everything myself as i should . My mother is retired. Dad is the one who works. She doesn't really like to leave home. And i think they expected that i would come and visit them every week or month. They say they will come and visit but they often end up cancelling, my brother who
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