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  1. Greensleeves - While hard to hear, I agree with what you've said. Do you suppose that changing my actions will change his opinion of me? Those were his words not mine! Only time will tell I suppose. For now I have stopped and am hoping I can heal to a point that if he were to contact me, I'd no longer be interested in talking, but for now that seems impossible. Last we talked, he was civil and he said that in a few months, if I wanted to call him, who knows??? Maybe we can talk. The beginning of the conversation was angry and it lasted about 20 minutes. By the end, we were speaking
  2. he left me becauase he said I was getting to emotional, however I think that was just an excuse to cover what he was feeling, which was too emotional. I flipped out by all standards, and that is what he wants me to change - except it's over and stop acting obsessive!
  3. My ex lover has been telling me for the post few weeks to NEVER contact him again. I am having a problem with NC. I keep trying to call and text over and over. Sometime I get a one word reponse like "Stop". I admit it's gotten out of control and I appear psycho. He has said, Stop, Leave me alone, Don't ever contact me again, You're insane, - you get the idea. Today he told me if I change my behaviour, maybe he will change his thought of me. He said MAYBE MAYBE he will contact me if he wants to talk, but my actions have not helped my cause. I know he's moving on and I am ok with t
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