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  1. I've posted a picture of Anson... after we got a temporary cast on him. He was miserable but he's hanging tough and wanting to play like usual already, but then he realizes he can't quickly.
  2. Hey guys! After a long 2500-mile journal cross country, my boyfriend and I finally made it back home. However, he became really ill and on top of that, we have had a lot of bad luck during the week we were up north. All I ask is for you guys to pray for the following: 1. Two friends of ours had run out of gas in Arkansas (they live in TX) and we have been unable to reach them since Sunday. No one has seen or heard from them. 2. Pray for Scott's health to return back to normal after a long 4 days on a campground in rainy northern Ohio. 3. After our return home yesterday, we went to pick up our puppy Anson from a friend's house. In the excitement of seeing his owners, Anson wriggled and licked face. However, he has a tendency to jump off things so during this time, he jumped out of Scott's arms and landed on his front leg wrong, breaking it. We spend hours at the emergency vet, onyl to find out that the break was a nasty one and the minimum cost would be around $1500. We just bought a home and don't know where we are going to come up with that kind of money but we are willing to do just about anything. I know I will do anything to make sure that my boyfriend is happy, healthy, and not stressed because that's the last thing anyone needs, especially after a rather dramatic vacation. So, guys, please keep these things in your prayers. We would all appreciate it. God bless!image removed
  3. Has he made any advances to you to show you that he may be interested? The worst thing to happen is to go forward and find out that he doesn't feel the same way about you and end up losing a relationship or even just a friendship. Talk to him, if at all possible, be the first to express your feelings to him so that he knows you are serious and looking for something further than that currently. And just be yourself... don't rush into anything --> one thing I've learned, unfortunately the hard way. Good luck!
  4. You've heard it time and time again... just be yourself. As a woman, the one biggest thing I hate is when I first meet a person and they act one way and then when I'm really getting to know them, another side of them shows. Communication is the key. Get to know her, what she likes/dislikes, exchange views on life and all that's involved, and don't rush things too quickly. Time is your friend at this point so take advantage of it. Good luck!
  5. I totally feel for you. I used to date a guy that would do the same thing but he made me realize that with all the negativity he was feeding off to me, unfortunately, it was his way of telling me he was done with me (he was cheating on me with a friend of mine). But on the better hand, I met a guy that I became friends with and then ended up dating (as we still are and happily!). One thing we came to in agreement on was the fact that communication was a HUGE factor in our relationship and that if we ever had any problems, we should try to discuss it with each other BEFORE seeking others' advice. Yes, our family can try to tell us what's right to do in a situation but in the end, it's going to be between you and him, not your family/friends/etc and him, you know? If you can't trust him now, who's to say that you won't be able to trust him later. I also think that his comments about women being inferior is a kick in the knees, if you will. Gender equality is great but unfortunately not everyone is going to be understanding of that. You don't have to "deal" with it or "accept" it if it's not what you believe in. This just might be one of those issues that you would need to talk to him about... express not just some but ALL of the feelings that you are feeling. If you keep it bottle dup inside, it will only hurt you more... and even him. Good luck!
  6. First of all, don't tell them what they want to hear. Yes, saying "you're beautiful" or "you have gorgeous eyes" is nice to hear but it's not worth believing if you don't mean it. Be honest and truthful. What does it for me is when my boyfriend comes home and tells me his misses me after a long hard day of work and plants a kiss to show that he means it. It's spontaneous, not planned or rehearsed. And when I get a whiff of his cologne... oooh, melting point there as well. Oh, and eye contact works for me as well. For him to reveal his deepest feelings to me while looking deep into my eyes... what woman wouldn't like that? So, I hope this gives you somewhat of an insight. Good luck!
  7. That's the thing... they bought the whole company brand new ergonomic chairs... just for the primary reason of people with leg/back problems. However, with me being such a small frame, the edge of the seat hits the back of my knees and thereforeeee, that's where the pain begins. I have purchased a lumber seat cushion that will hopefully help with my back pain and hopefully something will work out. Right now I have to switch back and forth with a cushioned chair and a non-cushioned. I hate being such a "princess" but I know what feels comfortable and right as opposed to something that makes me miserable. Thank you for your input, however. Always appreciated!
  8. Thank you. I walk around as much as I can and usually when I get off work, go running so that I keep the circulation going but those first 8 hours are the most stressful. But I'll see what other things I can do to help out.
  9. There are many different factors to figure this stuff out. What are you feeling that is different now from when you began the relationship that leads you to this post?
  10. I have just started a desk job that requires me to sit for 8 hours. The chairs that they have are supposed to be ergonomic and help with the body's circulation but I'm only 5'5" and I've noticed that when I sit even for 1 hour or so, I am very uncomfortable. My legs (especially around the thigh area) starts to ache and I've tried adjusting the chair in EVERY possible option I can. I tried sitting in just a plain metal folding chair and that seemed to have a better effect on my legs but my back would begin to ache because there's no support really, seeing how those aren't really meant for long-term sitting (and my new job won't allow me to use the metal chair). I use a footrest to try to alleviate the aching but that's only a temporary solution. Is there anything that might have a solution, even temporarily, that might help me out? I don't want to have bad circulation that leads to the uprising of spider veins or varicose veins. Thanks!
  11. I think the problem is that we just bought a new house and I'm afraid of what I see in movies, on TV, and what's reality that he may become interested in someone else and lose interest in me, knowing that he has a place of his own now. But I guess it's mainly my insecurities of having been cheated on before and having a horrific breakup and finding it a bit difficult to not go day by day without keeping my guard up, so to speak.
  12. What do you do when you begin to feel like the person that you are with and love so dearly might not be into you as much as either you are or as much as when you first got together? How do you convince yourself that it's all in your mind and go about your day as though you want to believe otherwise?
  13. Dead Eyes, Yes, I believe that if you get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks, it makes your hair healthier... during that time, that's when I notice split ends. But I might just try that Sebastian stuff... sounds like worth a shot. Do you think that putting extra conditioner after you get out of the shower on the ends might help? I'm not sure if it would... just might be like leave-ins and create greasy hair. BTW, thanks for everyone's inputs!!!
  14. I am using a brush with plastic bristles and little balls at the end (how about that for a description, lol!). Would I find one of those natural bristle brushes at a Sally Beauty Supply, you think? I've also had people tell me that put leave-in conditioner would help but I've tried that and it only proved to my hair greasy.
  15. I am trying to grow my hair out but the biggest problem that I am facing is split ends. Right now it's right below my ears but I can't ever get it to grow healthily (if that's a word) past that length without getting split ends. I'm sure one of the issues is that I have to blowdry my hair every morning after I wash it because if I don't, the natural waves in my hair take over and it's absolutely ridiculous. I have purchased some split end treatment stuff (i.e., Neutrogena Split End Treatment) and that has helped a bit but I was seeing if anyone has found either household remedies that work or store-bought items or what I could do to get my hair to grow longer, quicker and healthy. Thanks!
  16. You guys are definitely right. He is with me now... but would you find it weird if your current signif other kept writing emails and whatnot to their exes, saying that they "hope to hear from you"? But as far as the ring thing, I guess I just need to be patient. I mean, in my last relationship, I asked my bf to marry me. Everything was great until I found out he was cheating on me and that's what has me sometimes wondering why ex's are still in the picture or if the next person I'm with will do the same. I suppose it's hard to trust someone fully once wrong has been done, you know? But thanks for everyone's input... it is very helpful and I appreciate it!
  17. Let me ask your opinion on two things. The first is when a person starts a new relationship with someone, is it normal to keep items/gifts from their past relationships? I ask because I am dating a guy (it's been 8.5 months but we've known each other for years) and he has this bag of stuff that his past 2 girlfriends have either made him, such as cards/letters/etc. I've asked him why he still keeps that stuff and he ends up changing the subject or we get into an argument (and since things are going so well and I'm pretty much convinced that I'm going to marry him, I avoid all issues for an argument). I know that the day we get engaged, I will ask him to get rid of it but I can't exactly find the right way to say/ask it right now. The second, however, is now that we just bought a house together, I kinda expect him to be committed to me. Yes, the house is in our names and we share just about everything but I guess I'm just at that age where I'm a chick, 23 years old, ready for marriage. But from what I have heard from his friends, he's committed to me and wants to marry me but that's it -- no specific time planned, he just knows he wants to marry me. I guess my biggest problem is the uncertainty. Not knowing when, where, if I'm even going to be the one he will want a year from now... drives me nuts! We've talked about it somewhat and the ending result is "in the future." Is it wrong of me to want something as little as a ring on my finger for him to show his committment? I mean, we talk about buying a new $1500 TV and my friend brought up a good point... instead of buying a TV that costs that much, shouldn't he be buying me a ring first? I'd just like to know your opinion, guy or chick.
  18. I totally understand where you are coming from. I think it's normal that you feel a bit jealous about something you never got. It's just nature. As long as you don't start treating your girlfriend differently or compare her to the chick that you WERE interested in, you will be just fine. But like I said, I understand what you are saying. I am dating a guy that I am totally head over heels for yet I still get a bit jealous when he emails his ex and even still keeps things that she gave him a while back. I've talked to him about it and since we have, our relationship has been better. So if you have any questions or your gf has any, just been open and honest with her. If you have no interest for the other chick, then you have nothing to worry about. Just be honest with yourself as well as with your gf. Good luck and hope that helps!
  19. Carthiana, Thanks for your extensive post and knowledge. I have been extremely stressed out lately and I know that that doesn't help the situation at all. But I will take your words into consideration and hopefully this will all be done and over with soon!
  20. Thank you for your input. I have been eating basically nothing but fruits and veggies (non-citrus) as well as drinking cranberry juice but I can't stand the taste. I was assigned antibiotics yesterday so hopefully taking that, cranberry pills, echinacea, and pain killers -- it will go away quick. When having sex, I do use condoms but I did read on how the spermicide can also be a factor to contributing the UTI. I guess just peeing out every little drop and maybe even just taking a shower afterwards will do the trick... let's hope! Thanks again!
  21. I don't know if any of you have experienced a urinary tract infection but take it from me... it's not fun at all. I was just curious -- those who have had this before, what procedures did you go through? What foods did you eat or not eat? What treatments did you undergo, physician-wise and/or home remedy-wise? I have been trying everything to get better quickly but I just can't get over the fact that I am scared to pee and can't get my mind off the pain. Thanks!
  22. Yeah, I agree with the last reply. But be sure that you are able to talk your your boyfriend about your feelings... communication is the biggest key in any relationship and with you having feelings of him cheating and whatnot, it's not healthy for either one of you. Don't stress yourself out. Just ask him what's going on and if you are confident that it's not the sex that he's feeling down about, then don't fret it. It's probably something that doesn't even need worrying but just ask him. Creating things in your mind will just drive you crazy -- trust me, I know! Good luck!
  23. Well, first off... congrats on this new level in yall's relationship! As far as your question, it really depends on the woman. Not every chick is going to enjoy being on top, doesn't hit her G-spot, etc. You just have to find out what YOU enjoy and just go from there. No one can tell you what you should feel, expect, or do -- if you are in love with the person, things will just happen naturally. Good luck!
  24. How soon can a person know that they may be pregnant? I am kinda freaking out about the fact that I may be but then again, a lot of things are going against me for that matter... things such as I am on the pill and have been for over 6 months, we were using a condom but during sex it slipped off... but I'm not sure if it saved us in this matter. It's only been about a week since this happened but I was wondering if you could have signs as early as this -- breast tenderness, belly aching, etc. Thank you.
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