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  1. Well, Poco, He's a webmaster and loves emails... thus the reason why we email back and forth during work. It's something that he likes. I have quit today because I feel so worthless and though I should, I don't even want to go home. I just want to take a long drive to nowhere... where the road doesn't end. But at the same time, I want to be home when he gets there, with something in hand that says "Thank you for forgiving me." Girls like flowers and things of that nature but what do you give guys as a sorry gift??? I know he doesn't expect anything but I feel as though I HAVE to do something to make it up to him. I surprised him this morning with a long letter that was left in his truck and he liked that. But a letter just doesn't feel like it's near enough.
  2. Scout, I said those exact words last night... many times, believe me. But thank you.
  3. Yes, I am so not wanting him to remember the bad things that I've done. I want to start clean and thereforeeee, I have to appreciate what I have. I need to learn a lot and this is just a start. But last night I cooked him dinner and he liked that. And he's told me before that hates hearing "I'm sorry" so I definitely need to cut that out. And coincidentally I did ask questions earlier this week regarding the issues that I emailed about but everyone told me basically to trust my gut and I was more relying on my mind than gut... and I didn't like what people were saying.. that he was cheating and whatnot. Oh well.. I guess only he and I know the true answers and considering that he's put up with me and so much drama, he must TRULY love me and I have so much respect for him. I guess when you know, you just know. THanks your inputs!
  4. Oh, you better believe I'll never do anything like that again!!! Holy crap, I've never been so sure about anything in my life than that... not wanting to hurt him like I did. I just have a lot of insecurities that bombard me and they got really out of hand. Thank you for your reply. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to make things up to him???
  5. I messed up big time with my boyfriend. I created a fake email address and asked him questions. I posed as a random chick that had a problem with her bf and certain things that made her uncomfortable and then sent these questions to him to see his response. Well, after a few days, he realized that some of the things I was asking was coincidental and thus followed his hunch and realized it was me. He confronted me yesterday and after a long LONG night of apologizing and promise-making, he forgave me and are starting from a clean slate. This morning we are doing very well... he called me while I was at work and told me that he loved me and wished me a great day. Before he had called, I had emailed him a nice, genuine email and told him that I loved him more than anything. When I called him at work recently to ask him something about the house, he didn't seem so enthused to hear my voice yet at the end of the convo, said "I love you." He usually won't say that if he's really mad or anything. My question is... what should I do? Do I email him again saying that I am thinking about him and apologize again or do I wait it out for a while? If waiting it out, how long? It's killing me to not be able to hold him in my arms and look into his eyes and really tell him face-to-face that he means the world to me. And to think that he is mad at me is even worse because I can't focus at work and it's driving me crazy!!! I know I made a mistake and we both acknowledged that but I love him so much. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
  6. Thank you. He too says that I am a great gf and know that our time together is short because of school and work so I understand. I guess my drives just needs to either "park" or stay in "neutral"...lol.
  7. He's been drinking tea for years and I know that I can't sway him of that. So I don't even touch THAT subject. As far as the sleep... well, both of us get the same amount of sleep.. I guess I just deal with it better. ;-) And when it comes to computer time... both of our degrees are in IT so computers are our life. I run certain sites, he his.. so together that's kinda how we spend time with each other. Oh well... guess at least I know how to make sure I get mine when I need/want it.
  8. Yeah, I'll have to just agree with many of you and even with my bf.. it's just his low sex drive. I guess it's just weird to go from one relationship years ago that wanted it everyday/all day to one that's pacified with once a week. Not that it really makes a difference in our relationship because I love him for much more than the sex... I was just curious.
  9. Poco Diablo, No, he doesn't even have time to masturbate...lol. He's always busy with homework or working on his website. He usually gets 5 hours of sleep if that and I make dinner so yes, he eats pretty well and exercises when I make (and remind him -- per his request) him. As far as drinks... he doesn't drink anything alcoholic... just tea all day long. He doesn't do drugs or anything of that nature so I'm grateful for that. And trust me, I stop him from what he's doing sometimes and just start making out with him... and that always gets him going. And then I'll let it go further (me just pleasuring him) because I know he enjoys it and that gets me turned on. If I don't get reciprocation, that's fine... as long as I know that I made him relaxed. ;-)
  10. Oh, he's definitely stressed... he's dealing with his last few months of college before graduating in May. So I thought that if I gave him a little something something, it would be a stress RELIEVER. We have no problem at all with foreplay and we love it! He has admitted to me that I turn him on a lot but I guess stress just sticks to his mind. Ugh, I hate having such a strong drive (thus the reason why he calls me a "bunny.")
  11. Is there anything I can do to do to enhance his sex drive?? We watch porn together now and then and I let him watch me use sex toys and that turns him on but I was wondering if there is anything else.
  12. I have a problem that has been bothering me for a long time now. My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and are as happy as can be. The problem is that I LOVE sex and could have it everyday, however, we only have sex maybe once a week... if that. When we don't have sex, I pleasure myself two or three times a day. I am surprised my boyfriend doesn't like it as much as I do. He's told me that he thinks I'm very attractive and turn him on so much yet why doesn't he like sex as much as I do? I asked him if it was anything I was doing or NOT doing and he says that I am a goddess in bed and he is not the lying type. He's 25, I'm 24 and we plan to marry in the future. His sister got pregnant at 19 and his cousin just had a baby yesterday so I'm not sure if he's freakin out about kids possibly happening but I am BC and he uses protection so that shouldn't be an issue. It makes me depressed sometimes and I've even dressed in lingerie when he comes home, implying that I'm turned on by him and most of the time it works but sometimes he's just not into it. Do other guys experience this or other girls going through this???
  13. But do you think it could just because he's had to focus on tests and quizzes that have been going on lately? The fact that the semester is nearing the end and he's frustrated???
  14. We've been together for 1.5 years, lived together for 1 year... and things couldn't be better. I just feel as though I'm putting forth all effort to show him that i love him yet expects me to just know that he does right back. I'm a chick, and most chicks that I know like to be shown that the person they are with love them. For instance, today he took off work to stay home and study. I got off 2 hours early to come home and be with him, give him a break from studying and his response was, "Why is it that you always get off early when I'm off?" Later he said that I was too cute for doing that. I told him that that hurt my feelings and he told me not to dig deep for other meanings.. which I tend to do. My feelings get hurt VERY easily and it pisses me off and I'm doing my best to stop it. I just feel used sometimes as though he knows I'm not going anywhere yet I'm still doubtful that he might have other intentions.. although his closest buds say otherwise.
  15. Here's a question that I'd like the guys to answer: Do you ever get tired of the person you are with and how long do you stay with that person if that is the case? The reason I ask is because I feel as though my boyfriend is getting tired of me. We live together yet sometimes the way he jokes around and says sarcastic remarks makes me wonder if he is becoming disinterested in me. He's a webmaster for a high-traffic website and thus gets tons of emails, a lot of which are from girls. Most are about site-related info but I've found some to be comments such as "you have beautiful eyes and a great tongue, what I'd like to do with that tongue..." (his trademark in his pictures is sticking out his tongue). It makes me uneasy about this stuff and moreover, jealous, because to me that's disrespectful. I've confronted him about it and he tells me there is nothing to worry about and I do my best to believe him. I just don't want to be taken for granted or walked all over just for the sake of being with someone, you know? So, anyone can put their two cents in but I'd like to hear it from a guy's standpoint.. what measures do you take? What happened in your situation? What are some suggestions?
  16. Both of you have great replies. I guess because I was once showered with love no matter what and then when that relationship ended and I found this guy who I AM madly in love with, some things were different. Like for instance, I know that he does pay attention to detail when for instance, usually when we are at home together, I'm usually silly and commenting on this or that or talking about random things... but lately I've been quiet and haven't said much. His reaction is to ask me what's wrong -- why am I being so quiet -- when sometimes I just want to be quiet... and thus, even though I say "nothing's wrong", he doesn't think I'm owning up to the truth and moreover, I end up having to make up something.
  17. Yes, I have told him things that I like. For example, if we are watching TV and some chick gets flowers randomly from her man, I will awww at that while he's there saying "That's so sweet." At times, he will even agree with me. But if I tell him everything that I want, how can he be spontaneous and unpredictable? I guess he's just that type of person that knows all the time that I love him but considering I'm the type of chick that likes to hear it, likes people to see it, I find it important sometimes. That's just me.
  18. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 1.5 years. Lately, I've been feeling as though I show that I love him more by sending emails each morning to him (which he loves), calling just to say "hi" or "I love you", just doing sweet things around the house. Yet, I always have to be the initiator and it's made me feel like sometimes I am the only one in this relationship. I know that he's got school to worry about considering this is his last semester before graduating college so I'm sure that plays a factor. On certain nights, he comes home late because he has to work late and then when he gets home, instead of talking to me, he is on the phone with friends for hours. My question is.. is it ridiculous for me to be feeling the way I do? Has anyone else gone throught this? I know that he loves me and we plan to marry in the future but I can't help but want to sometimes be pampered like a girl and shown that I'm loved, on days not considered holidays.
  19. I know what you mean about going crazy when you don't get a response of an email when you are expecting it and thinking about your bf all the time. I do that everyday and we've been together for almost 1.5 years! I don't think you are insane at all nor should you take it so hard on yourself. But if you are feeling the need to talk to a shrink about your concerns, well, then by all means. But don't think that there is something wrong with you because I can tell you for a fact that many people go thru the same type of concerns when they are with someone. It's funny because this actually sounded like me at one point in my relationship... always being a loner and not really having friends around. I still am pretty much that way but I make an effort to at least try to make friends if I'm introduced to them by my bf. But no one says that it's what everyone has to do -- everyone is different. My point is... if you ever need someone to talk to about anything, there is always someone willing to listen, whether it be a paid professional, a family member or friend, or even a random person on this site or any site for that matter. Take care and congrats on the weight loss. Keep yourself and your mind healthy and don't worry so much. Trust me.. that's one of the best things I have learned to give up... worrying so much to where I lost so much sleep, weight (and I'm 23, 5'5", and 105 lbs now), and almost ruined my relationship. But once you start believing in yourself, things will come together and you'll be a happier person (others will see it too!). Peace and love
  20. Thanks for all the responses. I guess I am just one that feels like it is something that I want to do... express my love to him legally. Maybe it's because all of my friends and friends that we have together are getting married, are married or the like and I'm started to put ideas into my head that it won't ever happen. But if one is in it for love, then that's all that should matter, right? Right.
  21. Yeah, and we definitely want kids (of course, not right now) but I think he's scared considering his parents split and have both remarried and some split... but you see the pattern. He doesn't want to make a mistake in the first place. I mean, I don't know how I can convince him that he's not making a mistake.. I mean, if we were serious enough to purchase a home together, I would think it's a sure thing. That's my opinion.
  22. RayKay, I totally agree with you. I see the bond that I desire with my guy but as we discussed it recently, he said that it WILL happen, just that not anytime soon. I don't know how long he wants to wait but I guess I don't to wait too long to where he might lose interest in me, etc. I guess I just think about it a lot and wonder if it will really happen. I mean, we bought a house together.. you would think that that would be a step closer to marriage, wouldn't you?
  23. I was wondering... how many people here believe that it's important to them to get married? I'm not talking about super early in life or re-married, just married in general. I was curious because I know some of my friends that are ok with just "being and living together" for as long as 5 years and feeling the need to not have to be married. On the other hand, I want to get married and then continue my life with the person I'm living with. So if yes you feel it necessary, respond with a yes or "y" If you don't find it necessary for you, then no or "n" is the answer for you. Thank you.
  24. Why does a person have insomnia? I can fall asleep just fine -- it's STAYING asleep that I am having a problem with and have had for a looooong time now, about 8 months. I've taken sedatives to help me sleep but they leave me groggy in the mornings so I try not to rely on them. I dream a lot and many of them are of people chasing me or of me drowning... the two kinds that I have dreamt about all my life. There hasn't been anything traumatic in my life really. I mean, I'm in a great relationship and everything and when I fall asleep, I don't have anything really on my mind. Given that there were times where I was constantly worrying about my bf and stuff in our relationship but since I've learned to put 100% trust in him, our life together couldn't be better. I was thinking that maybe it was my worrying that caused the insomnia but now that I don't worry anymore, why won't it go away? What are some things that you guys have found that help you sleep thru the entire night? Warm bath doesn't help; warm milk doesn't help. Please help me if you have any ideas. Thanks!
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