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  1. Hi all, My last update was back in 2012, here we are two years later and we now have a happy marriage with a beautiful baby girl. All I can say is the lessons I learnt during the breakup about space and time and all the things about myself that drove him to breaking up with me (endless high expectations on him, always wanting to be ten steps ahead rather than living in the present moment, giving up on me and the things that bring me happiness etc etc) all crop up for me from time to time but before I vocalise and start putting pressure and agro on him I take some time to work things thr
  2. Hi All, I just thought I would update to let everyone know that we got married last month and things are so great. Happy endings do happen sometimes!
  3. Ok... so it's been a while since I've been on here and thought I'd update on a new development... today he asked me to marry him and I said yes! I'm in a total haze right now and couldn't be happier!
  4. Hey Bungalo! It's been a while, how are you? How are things? Thanks for the heads up, I only knew when enotalone emailed me about my inbox saying you couldn't get a message to me. I've emptied some messages so there's some space now. I hope all is well?
  5. Hi JerkBrokeMe, I'd maintain NC until you are able to deal with semi regular contact. My guy didn't get in touch at all really so I didn't have that problem but when he finally did I had reached a point where I felt I would be cheating myself and all my hard work to respond, I did in the end BUT because I had moved on with my life and sorted a lot of my issues out it gave me time to reply in a way that gave nothing away other than an answer to his question, but I have to reiterate, I didn't respond until I felt strong enough, so that would be my advice to you. Good luck with your situation, I
  6. I just thought I'd give everyone an update as it has been a while. Things are still going amazingly well and we are so happy, it's SO much better then it ever was, yes it was painful at the time (see my other posts) but looking back it HAD to happen for us to move forward. I just can't stress enough the importance of working on yourself, being true to yourself and staying positive throughout the break up. You HAVE to remember that whatever happens you will be stronger for the time apart, you will either get back together and it will make the relationship stronger (as it worked with me) OR it w
  7. I was dropped by my boyfriend of 3.5 years and was simply devastated. He asked for space and I didn't hear a word from him for ages, I didn't know if it was just space or if it really was over but his silence spoke volumes. Rather than hounding him as much as I wanted to get in touch I left him to it, of course it was hard, we'd shared so much and he was my best friend, I got on with my life, traveled, focused on me and the moment I really let go and thought "I'm ok on my own, I really am" he wanted to talk so we got together and I told him I wasn't prepared to be treated like that, I wasn't w
  8. Just thought I'd drop another line in to update - nothing much to say except that things are still amazing and so much better than before. He is so much more attentive and is actually talking to me about 'our future', something he never did before! I am maintaining MY life and I can't tell you what a difference that makes to this new relationship. Sometimes I really think breaks CAN be a good thing, no matter how painful it seems at the time.
  9. I just thought I would post a quick update... things are going so well. I am still maintaining my own life but the time we do spend together is just so amazing, so much better then before! Perhaps sometimes relationships need a break, I can honestly say something has happened that has made it so much better then before, I think it is because we now realise how much better it is to have each other then not. It has gone from me seeing him all the time because I used to clear and cancel doing things just so that I could see him IF he wanted to see me to now me being so busy that HE is asking when
  10. Thank you to everybody who has congratulated me here it's really made me smile. All continues to go well and I am enjoying this NEW relationship, the spark has never been brighter and the excitement and fun is back, long may it continue. I made a vow with myself and that was IF I ever got the chance to be with him again I would NEVER give up on ME again and I am sticking to that. I really lost myself in the relationship and forgot all about me. I am someone who when I love someone I give my all but now, I really will do everything in my power to make him happy but will also do everything in my
  11. We are both 28, I think late twenties is always a tricky stage in any relationship. A lot of his friends are 'settling down' and I think he thought I wanted that right now and had convinced himself that he wasn't ready. He also has a lot of business concerns with the current economic climate so I thikn he reallly just needed to get his head together and some things sorted out without having to worry about pressures from me. There was noone else involved at the time, I know that 100% as he always said he just wanted to be alone and didn't want anyone else, several of his friends have also told
  12. I am finally posting the thread I have longed to post for months. Me and my boyfriend split up just before Christmas this year, things I had thought were going fine and we were very happy together after over 3 years together, then I got the news that "he needed space" I was devastated. All the dreams I'd had and we'd planned were gone and I just couldn't understand why... Immediately after he asked for space I adopted NC. There was literally 2 or 3 times we were LC due to Christmas but I really felt very strongly that if it was space he wanted, regardless of how I felt I HAD to be strong
  13. Did you call your ex back to find out what he wanted? I would be interested to know if he DOES want you back due to the nature of this post... If only I was so lucky, tomorrow is day 27 of NC for me, so nearly on a month of NC and I still want him back! You're doing so well, I would be interested to know if he did infact call to ask for you back.
  14. I'm on day 19 of NC - the last contact I had with him was an email laying my cards on the table basically saying "do you need more space or is it over for good" and I've had no reply. What makes it hard is that his mother has spoken to him and she now wants to come and see me, she says it is not all doom and gloom - I have no idea what that means. I just want him back - today is a really bad day because I just can't see it happening.
  15. I miss you so much, this still feels like a bad dream. You told your mum that you felt you couldn't give me what I wanted and that you didn't want to string me along... what did you think I wanted?! I was loving what we had, I didn't want the engagement or babies, I would have been fine if we'd never gone down that road I just wanted YOU and the life we had together. if there was anything I could say that could change how you feel I would do it in a heartbeat... I love you with all my heart and I just want us to get back together, we could start afresh... most people get a second chance and we
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