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  1. Dude, I was there. I'm commenting on what I see. I must be hitting the wrong clubs on the wrong nights... I'm convinced the gods don't want me to get laid. Appreciate the advice tho.
  2. Went clubbing at REV in Waterloo last night and observed the exact same dynamic. We joked that we must have wandered into a gay club bc all we saw were dudes with other dudes and girls in packs with other girls.
  3. Hard to approach when all the doable single girls in this city (Toronto) ... are wearing iPods.
  4. Can we get a round of body shots for this girl?
  5. If you want to be with your girlfriends all night and not be approached by men, go to a gay bar. Not surprised this girl is from BC... I've been told the women in Vancouver are even worse than the ones in Toronto. link removed
  6. So I'm just getting into the clubbing scene and I'm noticing a clear trend here in the venues I frequent - Toronto area nightclubs populated by college kids. The girls will be dancing in a circle with their girlfriends, surrounded by a wall of guys. Eventually a few guys muster enough balls - abetted by liquid courage - to hit the dance floor. Only to get haplessly shot down by girl after girl. Some will resort to haplessly dancing the night away with their male buddy. Worse, there are few opportunities to hone my game; there are few open sets because all the girls are on the dance floor
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