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  1. that's not the problem. he switched it around to make it seem like lightdrawer said not to have any pleasure. not true at all.
  2. doesn't look like that's what lightdrawer is saying. s/he's saying it's most important to get it checked out in case it leads to something worse. and why suffer longer? it's not even about pleasure. HIV is pretty bad. it makes you feel really sick.
  3. yea, please get an STD test. even if you just kiss your husband you could infect him.
  4. i did pretty much the same thing a month ago.
  5. if she was hesitant in even going for a coffee, i don't see how you and her would be able to date or get married. if you convert, do it for yourself and your own beliefs, not for her. if you convert and still like her, then go for it. otherwise you will open the door to a ton of heartache by doing it the other way around.
  6. april 4, 2009 - 1:10 am well he messaged me on msn. he told me not to leave him. he was being very emotional. any other day i would have definitely taken him back. the difference is that this time i know i don't want this relationship. he is way too overprotective and i have become an unhappy person. i do love him VERY much. but i cannot handle "us". he got mad in the end and told me to block him. so.......i did. i blocked him. wow. it's really over. am i a bad person for this? i mean i wasn't being sweet to him. not rude, but he turned it around on me to make it seem like i left him
  7. april 3, 2009 it has been almost a full day that i haven't spoken to him. although he is trying to make me message him on msn because his status says that he is out smoking weed (he stopped during more than half of our relationship). guess what, i won't message him . if he really wants it to be over he wouldn't even be online, especially not with that status that is OBVIOUSLY directed at me since he's done it before. plus he could have messaged me but he won't he's got too much pride. well now i am going to build up my pride again and i will not contact him! here's to better days. tod
  8. ^ i'd rather be do-able than un-doable though, lol
  9. not all of us are wearing iPods but i guess i'm not the doable kind.
  10. there is marijuana butter...you can use it to make cookies....
  11. does this have anything to do with you not wanting to give over control during sex? to be able to completely "let go" during sex to the point of orgasm takes some trust and i think practice as well...your gf may be good at going down on you, but you're the one who can take it to the "point of no return". during (vaginal) sex when the guy is penetrating, he has a degree of control and i think it is easier for him to get off, whereas it's different for oral.
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