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  1. I had a dream about you last night (or maybe it was this morning). Anyway, what I remember most was what you said when you were speaking directly from your heart. You said about our former relationship, "I was playing with you and I was not playing with you." I understand how that could be the truth as you see it, but I see it differently and always will. You were playing with me and I will never trust you again.
  2. No problem, print is a tough medium for communication nuance. I agree that it may take anyone time to make such an important life changing decision. Where I diverge in my opinion is that the majority of the time it takes should be spent alone rather than in discussions with the partner in question.
  3. The comment that you found offensive I was merely pointing out that a world filled with only womens brains would be highly emotionally driven at least some of the time and I would find that disturbing. What is it about an opinion you disagree with that makes it offensive? I have no problem leaving the "hard time making lifetime decisions" men to other women. Then again, I have no need to marry. The way I see it no matter what his concerns were he'd be sharing them with me along the way. That's what good communication is all about. It's not us and them its us and what goals we wish to reach in our lives and with whom we wish to reach them. Again, how is my opinion wrong or shortsighted or insulting simply because it differs from yours and the authors. I do agree that men and women generally process things differently and viva la difference!
  4. I didn't understand the premise the same way you did. The commitment I read was about having a solid relationship and being able to count on each other not a lifetime commitment. Even so, I would hope any partner of mine would know themselves and me well enough for it not to take weeks and weeks of being apart to decide. In my little world it shouldn't take longer than a few days of solitude to search one's heart and mind leading to a clear decision.
  5. I have no problem agreeing to disagree. I don't believe disagreeing insults anyone's intelligence, if anything it's a compliment because it means I think they can handle a dissenting opinion.
  6. I, for one, am very happy that we all don't have female brains! I shudder to think what that would be like. lol On the other hand, if it takes weeks of separation for someone to know they want to be with you then wouldn't you surmise that they are just avoiding being alone?
  7. When I read the opening post I had to laugh, no offense to anyone intended. Why would I wait for a man to decide if I am worth committing to? I wouldn't, and I wouldn't expect a man to wait for me either. If he did I would think he was a fool, and if I did I expect he would think the same. Once it's over the concept of loyalty is null and void.
  8. you know the woman I mean the one who wanted to hold you listen to your heart beat with her ear on your chest she boldly showed herself to you reserving no thought nor feeling confiding her secrets softly sharing thoughts unfiltered you explored yourselves together learning yearnings previously unknown without judgment or self-consciousness opening hidden doors in dark corridors then the sun rose so fast both were blinded by the midday light confusion abounded and grew like night creatures both scurried away there is no use for her now self discovery sucks without you so find her on your doorstep keep her, she belongs to you
  9. when it comes to living in today..I do my best when I feel tired, sick and lonely..I do my best when progress is barely perceptible..I do my best when I'm on top of the world..I do my best when there's a need I can fulfill..I do my best when I'm feeling surrounded by adversity..I do my best when good fortune smiles upon me..I do my best when I'm feeling good for nothing..I do my best when my positive energy is soaring..I do my best when I don't know where I am..I do my best when I am inspired and confident..I do my best when the day is dreary and gray..I do my best when everything goes wrong..I do my best when I wonder what to do..I do my best when I question my choices..I remember I've done my best
  10. How beautifully melancholy, thank you for sharing.
  11. Thanks, Capricorn! Part of me feels like I had to heal so I could write this poem. lol
  12. Thanks, little buttercup, I like your name!
  13. Thank you, trezz, I think I can feel some of my rougher edges being smoothed like a rock in the river of life.
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