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  1. Well.. I must say that one of the most intense erotic experience I have had was a massage done by a male friend/professional massage therapist. Wow! Even now when I think about that evening.. I get super hot! It was out of this world! He didn't DO anything sexual per se, but i felt like he was filling me with his sexual energy and at one point his simple touch felt like orgasmic earthquake. I was soooo horny suddenly and felt so embarassed, but he kept talking with his smooth voice to just relax and let go and enjoy the moment. I walked out of that massage table with my legs shaking and
  2. People don't change if the don't want to change. This also applies to you.. You allow her this behaviour. You know what.. In a fantasy world if I were you, I would come home one nite, rather late, looking depressed.. and say that you lost everything. EVERYTHING! Makeng up some lame excuses! Saying you are in a really bad place right now and you really really need her now, a loving woman. Then I'd give her a week or two. If she is still with you, going through some job offers, hugging you so you woudl stay strong.. I'd be happy as a bee! But most likely she would be on her way out..
  3. I'm from eastern europe and also in easter europe we call women like your girlfriend.. gold diggers! There is no cultural difference that justifies her behaviour, she is just using you - VERY OBVIOUSLY. There are many of these women out there, everywhere in a world. You either agree to be their sugar daddy or you don't. For yours sake I hope you dont. You worked hard to get were you are, why woud you "invest" it to someone who is not really appreaciting you. You deserve better. You seem like a generous, reasonable and patient man - I am sure you would find someone who really deseves
  4. Actually I never ever talked again to my first boyfriend, but I'm definitely not sad about that. I mean, what was I thinking!?! But the two next ones, came back about a year later and both of them asked me to marry them I said no. My last ex came back only 2 months later, we'll see where that goes. My grandma once said that it doesn't matter how badly a guy treats you, don't you ever lower yourself to his level, instead be the best girlfriend ever. Cos the hardest punishment for him is when after some time he looks back and understands he lost something amazing, something unique! I hav
  5. Thanks everyone for your thoughts! But I have understood something.. This weekend, after he left me - I started the spring cleaning, got rid of his things, bought flowers for myself, even some yellow balloons, had friends come over, had colleagues come over, went out for dinner with new people, even accepted to go on a date (not sure about that began with flamenco lessons, had long walks with my dog etc. And I didn't cry. Didn't wish to contact him. Most of the time didn't even think of him. Why? Because one way or another, I agree with him. Somehow I'm even content his gone. Our probl
  6. Thank you so much! You're right, I should right now not ask why and how, but to act and make sure I wont be homeless as well. He typed something like that, it's still in the rubbish bin in my bedroom: I am leaving you. I'm sorry I'm doing it like this, but I dont want to see you cry. I've been planning this for a long time. I remember thinking that if you planned it so long, couldn't you write a better letter at least or reread this one. It was obvioulsy written in a hurry...
  7. But is this common? Do other people actually do that? It's just so cold and cruel. And I have so much love inside of me..
  8. I was together with him for more than two years. We had our fair share of problems, because he sometimes walked on the borderline of cheating. Anyway I actually believed we are going to make it, we were doing so much better lately and I loved him. Last Friday morning he drop me to work, kissed me goodbye, told me he loved me and confirmed the dinner plans with friends. When I came back from work, there was a note on our bed that he has left me. He had printed out couple of lines and then signed it, like a document. He had taken most of his things and left.. I'm still in shock, haven't c
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