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  1. Personally, I would be hurt equally by both as well. Both would be cause for me to leave a relationship. I don't tolerate cheating on any level. I realize that, for some men in particular, sex is just sex and they can do it without getting involved with a woman emotionally. But to me, it isn't about what having sex with someone else means (or doesn't mean) to him. It's about what it does to the SO when they find out (and they usually do). It's about not wanting to engage in any activity that might hurt the person you claim to love. Not to mention that it's a blatant disrespect of the re
  2. I agree that her behavior was just as bad in that situation. She knew he had a girlfriend. But I don't think it cancels anything out. I think it shows this man cannot be happy with just one woman. They should still be in the "honeymoon phase" of their relationship and he is fooling around with other women. To be more specific, his conversations with these other women include talk about the best sex they ever had, the things they like in bed, he was asking them if they play with toys and if so, which ones, etc. I don't think he ever had sex with these women when they were younger. Th
  3. yeawhutever, since you don't think what he's done so far is cheating, what if I told you this. She also just found out that he and one of these women are sending naked pictures of themselves to each other. Is that cheating to you? He seems to be escalating and I really don't think it'll be long before it gets physical. She hasn't confronted him yet, so he doesn't even know that she knows. She hates confrontation and prefers to bury her head in the sand and pretend it isn't happening. Ugh, what a mess.
  4. Thanks, I just wanted to make sure my view wasn't completely out in left field. Cheating makes me crazy because I've been cheated on by a guy I was engaged to. So sometimes I think my left over emotions from that experience might cloud my objectivity. I don't approve of this relationship at all, never have. I think the guy is a tool for cheating on his ex and I had no doubt he'd do it to my friend one day. I am surprised it happened so soon, they've been together less than a year for crying out loud! Plus, he moved way too fast with my friend. Told her he loved her after 2 weeks, propos
  5. My ex-fiance was like that. Not the sitting in his own filth, he was a very clean person, but terrible with paying bills and taking responsibility for things. He was extremely good at his job, but he ran his own business and he only wanted to deal with the "fun" part. The bills, taxes and record keeping were unimportant. I can't even remember how many times while we were dating that his electricity got turned off because he didn't pay the bill. I should have known then that we would never work because it always drove me batty. A relationship should be equal give and take. When one perso
  6. I have a friend with a problem. Her fiance joined Facebook about 2 months ago and has been reconnecting with old friends. Many of them are women that he dated back in high school. BTW, he is in his mid-forties and hasn't seen these women in 25 years. She recently found out that he has been using the chat feature on Facebook and having sexual conversations with several of these women. He has also been speaking to them on the phone and making plans to get together with them for "lunch." I put that in quotes because the implication has been much more than sharing a meal. She doesn't think
  7. I've heard stories as well about rebound relationships working out. It happens, but not as often as those that don't. I think the key is realizing that you are on the rebound, keeping the lines of communication open and taking it slow. Unfortunately, most people in rebound relationships don't take it slow. On the contrary, they often move things along much faster than they normally would. I believe my ex is in a rebound relationship. In his case, not only did he just get out of a serious relationship with me, but the woman he is with now just got out of an 11+ year relationship herself.
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