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  1. My therapist once told me that the person I was describing (ex) didn't exist. I was going over the good times more than the bad and making excuses for the bad, and I needed to look at the whole picture and see the whole person. Make a list of the good and bad and be honest. You'll begin to see the person as a whole. Not only that but you'll see their future based on the way they acted (because people can change, but not by much). Then insert yourself into that future in your mind. Is it worth your time?
  2. Thank you so much. I have to admit, figureitout's comments, while harsh, pushed me to not think about her at all this week and it's mostly worked. If I've ever caught myself starting to think about her kids or her, I stop the thoughts and say I made the decisions I made, that's the way it is, and I was right to leave. I may have hurt people, but my life goes on and so does theirs. And it does. You can't step forward while having even one toe in the past. One day, hopefully sooner than later, I'll either not think about her at all, or think about her the same way as I think of all my
  3. ? I don't know how much you've moved on but you probably shouldn't be dating the guy you're with now. If my girlfriend had some obsession with showing ANY ex, let alone one from 5 years ago, how good they looked etc...I'd be seriously rethinking my relationship with her.
  4. Yes, they know my history. That's one reason I got off social media - I have most of my family overseas who never met her in person and they saw all the good times on FB so they assumed she was great. One cousin even told me I was wrong to leave despite me telling her about the abuse. One member kept sending her gifts of the things she collects, according to the ex. When she showed up at my place she told me my family overseas was very supportive of her, again with that sick smile, I knew she reveled in the fact that she had them. Well, she can have them. I messaged everyone in my family th
  5. It takes time. I'm 3 years in after leaving a toxic ex and while the gym isn't my deal, I've gone to therapy, made new friends, started guitar classes and picked up a locksmith hobby. I know that last one is sketchy to some but I've helped some of my neighbors into their house or car and it gives me such a rewarding feeling, especially when I refuse any compensation. I enjoy helping people. I have started working out at home and maybe I'll end up in a gym. We will see how that pans out. These are things I've always wanted to do (aside from therapy lol) and it's helping to re-establish a
  6. Thanks Annia. I did get a reply today from the website host and all of her emails are blocked now. They've also been blocked in my email account as soon as I would receive one from her. You are correct about some people being the type to not stop even after a meeting to declare it's over. I know this because I've had to cut off all mutual friends and some family - the minute I would talk to one of them, I knew they would talk to her because she would ramp up the attempts. So I cut all ties and that's when she really got nuts because there was nobody left to feed her information. A Meet
  7. What excuses? My refusal to do anything to stop her? I've blocked her and she emails through a new address. I've gotten completely off social media. I've contacted local police. What do you suggest now?
  8. I agree you should block him in every way you can. My ex was abusive and still three years later I have the occasional dream/nightmare regarding her or her kids. Usually it involves me running into her kids (I always loved and got along with her kids), now in college and asking how things are going and giving advice. In those dreams they used to hate me but now we talk like normal. Early on it was the same dreams as you had, but as I blocked and stayed NC with her, I found the dreams changed - where in the dreams if she was around I became more indifferent, or avoided her altogether.
  9. Took the words right out of my mouth, thank you. Also, I never said I was 100% over it. I said I was definitely doing better. I know the details of the hell I went through weren't in my original post but I've had to call police on her while in the relationship and deal with her abuse. 3 months after the breakup we had a "civil" conversation after she snuck into my complex, and she tried telling me she never choked me and that I was the on who did it to her, and that other things she did never happened. I started it civil and she showed me that all she was interested in doing was gaslighti
  10. Thank you! It can be difficult but I'm glad I stayed NC. You always want to believe things will be better but what's the cost, you know? And after a while through their behavior you start to see that things really haven't changed. It's sad but I've gotta keep pressing on. I'm very careful of what I tell certain family members about my personal life as well. I have a strong feeling a couple of them are still friends with her on FB and maybe even still have contact. It's a life of paranoia but it's getting better.
  11. Because it's twice in a year and a half (who knows how many more she had sent from the addresses I've blocked and never got). I don't think anyone could consider that harassment. She is off, definitely. I got to know her too well for the 2.5 years we dated. And when she showed up wasted in my building in July, two years ago, it confirmed it. Unfortunately she was banging on my neighbor's door that night and my neighbor didn't tell me until a month later - too late to file a report, according to the police. But I'm keeping all of this correspondence in case it gets ugly again in the comi
  12. She has had a history of abuse (especially alcohol abuse) and violence, not to mention cheating. I just don't believe that has all changed or will ever change, especially at her age. None of her correspondence even mentioned the work she's done, because I know she's done no work. I've kept tabs (I check the county docket every few months) and know she's been sued three times this year, so her life is still full of drama. I know she wants to be "friends", and then try to slowly push me into another relationship. Suck me back in slowly. I don't buy the friendly image at all and I don't think
  13. While I already have two email addresses and it would be a pain to update everything, I considered that. If I change my address, I have to change it on my website so possible clients can reach me, and she will have access to it then. If the website responds to me and can block her I think I will be ok, then I can change my email. I know that's a lot of rambling but I did consider it. We will see if the site I'm on can block her.
  14. Why do you keep trying? I haven't responded in 3 years but you keep trying. I keep all that drama in my head and it hurts to relive it all but I know it'll hurt even more if I respond. Please leave me alone. You just don't want me to move on. I know that. You want to keep me in your sick little corner of your world. I don't trust your kind words at all. Leave me alone.
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