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  1. Here in Italy gas is 4 times what it costs in America and renting cars is pretty expensive.
  2. I just wanted to wish you the best too! I think it's really positive that you're doing a lot of walking and hiking, because of the benefits for your health but also it can be something that really helps with stress. And I love Cap too!
  3. I know it can be really scary to have issues there. I am not a doctor, obviously, and it might be an infection. I had a problem with a lot of itching and it turned out to be a reaction to different fabrics of underwear - my gynecologist told me to wear mostly white cotton underwear, and use special soaps to clean that area. It could also be a bladder infection, which is really annoying but goes away with antibiotics.
  4. Thank you everyone who answered me. I am feeling better today. I actually haven't been to therapy for a few years now, but I wanted to start going again. I do have a thing that my last therapist taught me, to imagine a "safe place" and when I'm freaked out, think about going there. That tends to help. I have kind of a mantra, I printed out that quote from Labyrinth - "You have no power over me."
  5. So, my mother was emotionally, psychologically and physically abusive and I broke off all contact with her 20 years ago. She died last year and since then all I've felt is relief. Saturday I watched the movie Split with my boyfriend. It had a character with multiple personalities and flashbacks to the abuse by his mother. The actress playing his mother even looked like mine! So I'm still thinking about it and could use some suggestions to stop the bad memories that this brought up. I've had a lot of therapy and I manage my anxiety with medication, so I am doing good generally. I just didn't expect this movie to trigger me like that.
  6. I think you know what you should do, though I know it is hard. You should definitely leave this guy. It's good that you can recognize that his treatment of you is abusive and that you deserve better. I promise you it is possible to find a guy you are just as attracted to who will not abuse you. One of my exes was really emotionally abusive, and it took me a while but I did leave him. It is the best thing for you. Do you live with him or do you have your own place? I engage in S&M with my current boyfriend, but outside of sex he is very kind and nurturing to me. I never thought that was possible to find but it is.
  7. I overthink everything (anxiety disorder...) I am focusing on my current relationship. I just wanted to understand this difference, because I tend to always think that I am the one that is at fault/wrong.
  8. This is about my ex. First of all, to be clear, I am not still in love with her or anything, I would just like opinions on her behavior because I'm starting to think it was not ok. I'm bi and I was in a long-term relationship with a woman that ended more than 3 years ago. Now I have a boyfriend who I've been with for a couple of years and it's going really well. We have a really good sex life, and I noticed that he basically checks with me every time if I want to have sex - sometimes with a running joke - "oh, so, do we have to have sex?" (in a joking tone). It makes me laugh but it's a nice check-in, and I feel absolutely comfortable with saying no, he says no sometimes (as every person is entitled to), and we are both happy about the amount of sex we're having. The fact that he always checks in made me think about my ex, and I would just like opinions on her behavior because I'm starting to think it was not ok. Some background: I moved countries to be with my ex, and we had a good relationship, though we did have issues, including issues with sex. We had had a long-distance relationship, and moving to be with her, unfortunately I realized I wasn't really sexually attracted to her (though she was really attracted to me) and she realized it too. I really loved her and was commited to the relationship, and we talked about it a lot and tried to deal with it but I always felt guilty because I knew I was hurting her in that area. But looking back, I see kind of a pattern of her ignoring my consent. Certain things she did, I think that if she were a man I would have realized they were not ok. I don't know. So, we were completely in the closet and she had kids, which really limited when we could have sex obviously. But she would get angry if at the times we "scheduled" or managed to find time for sex I wasn't in the mood/tired/stressed/whatever… She was always pressuring me about sex. I understand she was frustrated by our sexual incompatibility I guess I'd call it. First example, we took a business-related trip when we'd been together for about 6 months. I'm introverted and I need a lot of sleep, I've always been that way, and we got up real early to travel to Rome and then had meetings with possible clients. After lunch we were at the hotel and I was thinking of nothing but a nap. We were going sightseeing in the afternoon and then to dinner with friends of hers that I didn't know, so in order for me to literally survive the rest of the day, I knew needed a nap. But she wanted to have sex. She kept pushing and pushing about sex and I ended up basically having to beg her to let me take a nap. I have anxiety disorder and so of course there were times when we had a moment but I was stressing out about something else (so obviously not in the mood) and she would get angry, telling me "you always do this!" There was one time on vacation - we rented an apartment and I slept on the sofabed because we were never out even to her kids (I'm like their aunt and yes, I know that's ed up, wasn't my decision), we were alone because the kids had gone to the pool. But I had trouble sleeping on that sofa bed and I hadn't really slept in 3 nights. I was a walking zombie. But the moment the kids left she basically grabbed me. Because I felt guilty all the time about sex I tried to go along with it but at a certain point I literally felt like I was gonna throw up and so I told her I didn't feel well and so she stopped. I know that I had a lot of communication problems, which I'm trying not to repeat in my current relationship, but in that case I really felt almost attacked…. Then, one time we managed to take a trip by ourselves, a 4-day weekend away, but of course, the luck I have, I got the flu the night before. I still went, and stayed dosed up on cold medication all weekend, and did all the things she wanted to do, though all I wanted to do was sleep of course. One night, she was really mean. I just wanted to go to sleep because I had a fever and a horribly sore throat, and she got angry and said that if Angelina Jolie was there I would be up for sex. Again in that situation I was telling her what I needed and she got angry/ignored it. I guess I'm just trying to process all this. Because we were in the closet, I had very few people to talk to about the relationship, and no one to discuss this kind of thing with. I understand that a lot of her behavior was her difficulty with our sexual incompatibility (which was one of the things, among many others though, that led to our breakup) so at the time I didn't blame her, but looking back I feel like this behaviour was not ok. What do you think?
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