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  1. You all make very valid points and it’s interesting to read all your perspectives. Rose Mosse I fully take your point but I guess it’s weird to those who haven’t done it and less weird to those of us who have. I mean online dating was considered weird at one point but now lots of people do it. I guess because I live in quite a remote place and there’s not much going on here I thought I’d see if it opened up my chances of making new friends. It worked for me in the past in that my current 10 year relationship started online, my last one did too and I have several long term friends who I all
  2. Yeah maybe I should or should I just ask what we’re doing? Thing is if he doesn’t think there’s an issue then I don’t want to sound crazy but as you say there’s no point in bothering if we’re never going to meet. I do have ‘online’ friends who I know I won’t meet but in this app it’s meant to be about making actual friends and this one I feel we could get on well in person and it was supposedly reciprocated. However moving to a real offline friendship can be daunting if you’ve not done it before. I just don’t want to come across as pushy and like I’m rushing everything when some things just
  3. I think you're right but to be fair, when they cancelled they did suggest another date. I just didn't acknowledge it at the time as I assumed he was just moving the goal posts. Also neither of us have done this before and he may be scared to meet at this point. I had a previous online friend who I'm good friends with 9 years later, we didn't meet for the first three years!!! We don't communicate on the app anymore, he offered me his number a while ago and both follow each other on Facebook. Even though we don't live near each other we both frequent the same town quite often so we could
  4. I'm definitely only looking for a friendship and the other person is a he. I think the issue for me is that I'm quite a loyal friend and I try to be there for people when I can and if I get the feeling that someone is being flaky then I wonder whether I should waste my time with that person. I'm just not sure if that's the case here or not and because I don't often click with people that easily it's a pleasant surprise when I do.
  5. Hey all, So I’m looking for some advice regarding a friend I have recently made online. We met on a friendship app, I moved recently and wanted to find some new friends in the area however this person ironically isn’t in my area. I’ve had a few other connections with people like this but conversations didn’t really go anywhere. However me and this person connected right away and the conversation just flowed and we get on really well. Initially they made contact with me and we messaged every day, quite a lot through the day and inevitably this has tailed off to a few times a week.
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