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  1. Well the title pretty much says it. I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 5 years now. I've had a crush on his brother for nearly 4 of those years. I can't help it, they are just too similar and I'm around both of them constantly. They live together (always have) and I'll probably end up moving into the house they bought within the next year or so. I love my boyfriend to death, he's perfect. But him and his brother are more similar than most siblings I've ever met, some people even mistake them as twins. So I find it impossible to be so in love with my boyfriend but feel no attraction for h
  2. So before I explain, I'll just let whoever is reading this know that I recently put in my two weeks notice so this guy isn't going to be my boss anymore. BUT I'm pretty good friends with many people in the company and I'll probably still be going to staff events and get-togethers and such even after leaving. So I will probably still see him on occasion. At least I really, really hope so. I worked with him for a year, and we pretty much started working there at the same time. I felt attracted to him after the first week. I've been thinking about him for months and months now and its been dr
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