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  1. Maybe you are prettier than her? Ever thought about that? There is a famous moviestar who everybody thinks of as the sexiest woman ever. I think she is rather ugly. Beauty is subjective. Ultimately the world is structured so that every women has some guy who is crazy about her.
  2. I'll tell you how guys feel. They want to be the best in the eyes of their partners. Sexually, I mean. It is not enough for the woman to say "Oh my ex was much better in bed but I married you anyway". That makes the guy feel as if she settled for this boring guy when she understood that the player stud wouldn't settle down with her. This guy is the safe guy who would never excite her sexually. But that doesn't matter as long as he has a good job, has kids with her, pays her bills and so on. In short, he is just a means to an end. Mostly I guess this is where the insecurity comes from.
  3. I have been advised to eat wheat bread(since it contains less carb, I think). So can I use Jam to use along with the bread? Or what else can I use?
  4. My personal preference is for a woman who is NOT sleek and fit. But I would never tell a woman what to do and what not to do. Your passion are more important. I think you should tell your boyfriend that. If he accepts that, then you can continue the relationship. Otherwise, I think you know what to do.
  5. Well the thing is my friends are also virgins and they are really happy. Because they have the mindset of no-sex-before-marriage and they think losing your virginity before marriage is abnormal. So I am trying to get into their mindset so as to become happy
  6. I know what my problem is. I watch too many European/American movies. I think I need to indigenise myself. No more coming-of-age movies about teenage love/first love No more romantic comedies(and romance movies in general) No more high school/college Hollywood/European movies No more westernised Bollywood movies(yes they do exist) Why Hollywood/European movies? Because these movies have the obligatory sex scene which makes me feel envious of these people. I am in a perennially European mindset. I think I need to change myself. I need to get myself into the no-sex-before-marriage
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