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  1. oh yes.. both of us are clean .. meanin no diseases or infections ! Still if she is strongly urging me to do it wat shud i do ? I hv already had a talk wit her on this ... dat we need to be very very careful "if" we are gonna even goin to do this .... and dat i need some time to think on this...
  2. Ummm.. ok dont know how to ask dis... So, me and my girlfriend have a healthy relationship for the past 1 year. Our sex life has also been great. But recently she has been wanting to try anal. Actually, let me be more elaborate .. she wants me to cum in her ass. Now dis is where I really am not sure if it is safe cos i hv heard all abt stds and stuff and I dont want to do anythin that can cause her any kinda harm. Maybe its just a taboo aspect(the fact dat i wont b using a condom) in my head thats perhaps worrying me ... i really am lost n confused on this ! Can anyone please advi
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