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  1. Thanks! I decided to change two words in it, but, I think it sounds good on here the way it is. That's exactly how it happened when I first saw my current boyfriend...months ago. Our firsts.
  2. Oddly enough...this is my first poem posted on here...matches the title perfectly though I didn't intend that! The First Our first look, hands shaking, Hearts aching, longing For that first glance. Are you nervous? Just a bit... Looking in your eyes, The eyes that melt my soul. Our first touch, soft skin, Desires within, but withheld For the time. Hands exploring, are you nervous? Just a bit... Heart pounding, feeling your caress, The caress that sets me on fire. Our first kiss, lips synced, Passion linked, arms locked, For that moment in reality. Time has slowed to a halt, are you still nervous? Just a bit... Racing thoughts, the moment envelopes us, The moment that determines our destiny.
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