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  1. I dabbled with pot briefly in high school when I hung out with some "burn outs" . By college I found it was a turn off if guys smoked pot. A lot of people I knew smoked regularly and seemed addicted. One brother was addicted to it he is now sober and you see glimpses of him coming back to life
  2. I agree she is confusing. I do think she likes you.
  3. I believe this is what bugs me too. The #1 thing that I think irks me about your posts is not you, the person -- it's the persona of someone who has certain extremes of bias but won't own them, or tries to universalize them to somehow make them seem more palatable. Your intelligence and wit, and logically sound mind, do not make certain things you say less superficial, and these attitudes are not inherent to the population at large just because you're far more eloquent about them.
  4. why do you say people are chastising you when they disagree?
  5. To me it is worse to reject someone based on body type after having sex. If I sleep with someone that means I am falling for him and I want to continue sleeping with him. Once I sleep with him I feel more bonded with him so it would hurt more to have him end it because of my body. Also humiliating. I have done this to a man and I felt that I humiliated him. I felt horrible about it. I am pretty sure his intuition could tell him why I changed my mind. Also in a way you are checking out the goods by sleeping with them yet you think it's not cool to check out the goods by arranging to go on an activity that would require less clothing
  6. That is a little daunting when you find something like that out so soon. But isn't epilepsy a neurological disease? I didn't know it was a mental disorder. Or is that the same thing? He sounds like a very good guy. Imagine dating one of the siblings who ignores the brother and just goes on with their life? If I got involved with someone and then found out there was a brother they weren't helping I would be turned off.
  7. [hahaha Anyway, we meet in about 3 hours for the movie. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun, but we won't be having sex or even kissing very much. So it's kind of a "status quo" meetup that won't really advance anything other than just enjoying each others' company. Which, as a newly gay male, I'm totally fine with.
  8. Personally I would find it more humiliating to sleep with a guy after meeting him twice and then have him pick apart my body. Even worse if we worked together or something. I think I would prefer to go hiking with him, the beach etc and do all sorts of things with him which could involve wearing less clothing and grow more intimate in that way. I believe it builds a certain amount of trust to have these experiences together. Then if he is not into my body we stay friends or whatever and never end up sleeping together.
  9. Not sure if this was directed at me but in the experience I just mentioned yes it was something called a micro penis. It was unworkable.
  10. I was not suggesting to wear a bathing suit on a date in the city? My point is that if I am ready to sleep with him then why not wear a bathing suit in front of him at the beach or short shorts on a hike or at the gym, etc. Since ND is looking for a relationship and not just sex this way he can make sure her body is his type
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