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  1. Half of my friends are male. They are platonic and they will stay that way. If someone told me that I could not have any male friends, I would see them as insecure and controlling. That's is their issue.
  2. Pics are not allowed. I'm not clear why you ended things. Honestly, I couldn't get through the entire note.
  3. I don't blame you. That stings.
  4. He will cheat on you again. He has disappeared, lied, and cheated on you, yet you are considering getting back together. He has shown you that he has very poor character, why would you do this to yourself? The only reason he reached out was because she dumped him. Don't you want more for yourself. Block and delete him. He will NOT change! And, do not answer any more unknown calls. This guy is a real creep!
  5. If this is happening repeatedly, then you need to address what type of people you have gravitated to. It sounds like you are choosing lousy people due to a lack of boundaries and low self esteem.
  6. That's terrible. What did you say?
  7. You are damaging your kids by keeping them there. Do you really think they like to see their father treated like an emotional punching bag? You never should have moved in with her.
  8. It has been an ongoing situation, why would he need a confrontation. This is who she is. Nothing will change. He made a lot of very bad decisions, and it is time to extricate him and the kids. It is time he puts those kids first and not his fear of being alone.
  9. Will it be easy to get a job in your field?
  10. Get out of this situation. This guy is an abusive, using creep! This is a terrible environment for your child. It is time to do what is right for your kid. Have you sought help for your abuse? You have gone from one bad relationship to another. Stay single for a long while. Live independently, and don't loan men money, or play free babysitter for their kids.
  11. What happened to previous activity? I cannot see any history from the other posters.
  12. I don't know how you would consider this toxic environment to be good for anyone!
  13. End this. You jumped from one disaster to another. This is a very toxic environment for you and your children. I suggest that you stay single a long while. I also recommend that you continue with your own therapy. The kids should not have been introduced so early, and even worse you moved them into a new family. That is nuts! You need to put full focus on your children, as they haven't had time to process your divorce . There was a lot of very poor decision making here. Your fear of loneliness supersedes your kids well being. Time to put your children first! You are using your children as an excuse not to leave. Your kids will be better when you get them out. Step up!
  14. Please do not have kids to please your husband. This guy is manipulative and controlling. How is he in other areas? Does he contribute around the house and do you do many things socially?
  15. Never come empty handed. I would bring a good wine. Enjoy!
  16. She does not respect you, by communicating and inviting this guy to events . She likes the attention and it is more important than you. Expect more from the people you date.
  17. I don't understand why you are taking responsibility for this. Her behavior is inappropriate. She has allowed and invited a lot of bad behavior. Stop being such a doormat! Your gf is the problem. Wake up! Please address your low self esteem issues.
  18. Your gf is the one who is toxic. She does not respect you, and puts her attention-seeking above your relationship. She knows that he still likes her, as he has been quite clear and flirts with her. It is even worse that he flirts with her in front of you. Honestly, I can't understand why you have continued. I think that you need to find a new gf and establish stronger boundaries in your relationships, you have allowed her to completely disrespect you.
  19. End it. You should not have gotten involved with her.
  20. " "The list is long and strange. He kicks me out of the house about once a month on average... He ignores every single text and phone call I ever make to him. He calls me mean names and puts me down whenever he is in a mood. Blames me for literally every single wrong thing that ever happens... this list could go on and on. And not all the time... But enough of the time. We've been together for 4 years. " Why are you with this guy? Not only is he in love with someone else, he is an abuser. Do your friends and family know about the history? Everyone who responded in your other thread advised you to get away from this creep.
  21. You should have ended this a long time ago, then add the domestic dispute, and you are still there. You have chosen to ignore some big, red, glaring flags. End it and get some therapy for abuse and low self worth.
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