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  1. If you block and delete, you are not "reeled" in.
  2. What were the "incidents?" He sounds like he is 15. He is rude, immature and inappropriate. I wonder what attracted you to this loser. The prostitutes would have done it for me. He is bottom of the barrel. Blech. Aim higher! And get tested.
  3. You need to stop overthinking!!! Just enjoy what yo had. Let her pay next time.
  4. How are you dealing with your anxiety? Have you tried any meds? Why don't you meet halfway?
  5. Why would you meet an alcoholic at a bar? I would also wonder why you would meet up, knowing where the convo will lead? You can be friends from a distance. I would also look into expanding your social circle with people who are not addicts.
  6. He is cheating on you. Lose the boyfriend.
  7. You really need to end this misery. See an attorney
  8. I think you need to understand what you are holding on to, and why. Have you received counseling?
  9. It does not have to be about substances. If you are trying to save him, and change him, it is co dependent.
  10. You're not doing your kids any favors by staying in this, in fact, it is detrimental. Time to stop playing the doormat and be done.
  11. I understand. The positive is, is that she now recognizes it. She knows this guy has major issues and she cannot rescue him any longer. When a child comes into the picture, there must be more urgency. The partner of this abuse is also co dependent. Another issue that she must deal with.
  12. This is who he is. You need to accept it. Either you continue with the abuse, or you remove yourself from the craziness.
  13. Does not sound like he respects you, or is really involved in the relationship. He has checked out. Do you make an income that can afford all of the extravagance? Why is he so hung up on expensive things? Usually, based on insecurity and trying to impress. You do not have to do everything. Just don't do these things. I hope you have separate banking accounts ? he sounds very irresponsible. Stop playing his mom, and get out if you are unhappy.
  14. You are not his ex. He will punish you forever. This is about him. He sounds unbalanced. Stop allowing this. You will stay with this jerk because he lacks family. I don't understand this? He treats you like crap.
  15. Get out of this! This man is emotionally abusive. This is also very harmful for our baby. He will not change, due to his insecurities. Leave him!
  16. She sounds lovely. Nice that you two were making out, when she is involved with him. She was doing the same to you when you were together. What makes her such a prize? She is a lying cheat! You want her back? She was NOT using you. You are not a victim, as you fully participated three times. Terrible. You are not helpless. be a better guy! You guys deserve each other.
  17. You barely know each other. I think that his actions are very clear. Many people are cowards and wait for their partner to break up. I suggest you move on from this guy. He has no job or citizenship, and is basically a stranger. find a better candidate for a partner. I'm curious what you do for work? How did you meet this guy?
  18. Why are you with this woman? She is emotional and physically abusive. She does not love or respect you, but you are showing that you do not love or respect yourself by staying with her. GET OUT! Get therapy to understand what brought you to this place. You know this is not healthy relationship. You should have been done long ago.
  19. How long have you known each other? How much time did you spend together in your city?
  20. I'm sounds like you miss the dysfunction . This guy does not care about or respect you, don't you think you should? He only wants you for sex! Dump the current bf, as it is very selfish to date, when you care for the creep. Be single for a long while and get some counseling for your self esteem,
  21. Girls know exactly what they are putting on. I knew when I was a child, as we are all bombarded with advertisements.
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