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  1. so I talked to him tonight and planned to leave him and he explained his side. he told me he considered me his girlfriend the first time we went camping. He also reminded me that the first time we started hanging out was in july and that's when I told him I only wanted to be friends, which is way shorter of a time period I thought we were being closer and intimate, and was partly why he's been cautious. So we have only really been intimate since near the end of August. He said he has been cautious because he doesn't want to get hurt but he thought things were going really well. He worried
  2. I dont think I am lying to myself either. I know what Ive gotten into and Ive been aware of it while doing it and Ive been enjoying it a lot. So of course Im going to analyze everything when I have been having fun and he is being clear he's not with anyone else because he likes me more than he has likes anyone in years. Im sorry but I believe that. It doesn't mean he is going to change for me and be a different person but it definitely makes me rethink if I can just enjoy the relationship a little longer while being very open and communicative. but I plan on talking to him tonight and lay
  3. I wasn't really thinking that far ahead when we finally ended up sleeping together. I knew we had differences but I also knew he really liked me and was spending all his time with me. I was more curious and wanting to have fun and felt comfortable with him at that point to do that. He seemed way more into me than I was into him. but now that it is 4 months in I am starting to have feelings and want more. I guess that is why I am revisiting. I dont really regret anything and I dot think I was kidding myself. I was aware of everything I just wanted to see how things might possibly go. Th
  4. Thank you, those are all goo points and important for me to remember. I will talk to him about it tonight and most likely break things off I guess
  5. I think he is ready for commitment, isn't being monogamous and discussing what each other want commitment? or part of it.
  6. yes I would accuse him of cheating if I found out he did something with someone else. Because at this point we've establishes more boundaries and he would know. I think if I continued to stay with him he would call me his girlfriend. Even if I bugged him about it right now he would maybe but I dont want to push labels.
  7. I mean I straight up asked him if he was keeping his options open with me last night and he straight up said no, that he has been dating casually and keeping his options open for years until he met me.
  8. yes I feel that a little bit. It does seem a little bit based on looks and seems a bit superficial. That as been part of my concern. But I also know there is more to it than that.
  9. I dont think he would overstep those boundaries and make out with someone else, now that we had that conversation. Just as he isn't sexting and being with other woman on the side.
  10. to be fair I still have a tinder and I havent been 100% sure about him either. Partly because of our differences I have kept my self guarded. I guess as time has gone on I wanted to see where we stood and what he felt since I guess I am used to the man taking the lead in that arena
  11. I think he does have to be loyal to me if he wants me in his life. Thats why last night he said it wold be really scummy of him if he was flirting or sexting with someone else after I told him I wanted a monogamous relationship. So he knows this and he is practicing this.
  12. I appreciate this and thank you for being clearcut. Its hard to talk about commitment without wanting a label I guess. But wanting a label sounds so 8th grade. He pretty much told me at night he is not seeing anyone else because he likes me and im the fist person in a long time he's wanted a real relationship with and not a casual one and that he wats to continue what we have been doing because it has been positive and great and he cares a lot about me. he said he doesn't want me to be sad and that he really wants to be with me and for my birthday to be special. Its so hard to hear that f
  13. Batya I agree what you are saying and understand all that. I am not trying to make excuses for anyone. I just think he did tell me he was committed to the relationship last night and my main concern when I first wrote this post was whether he was talking with other woman which he told me he hasn't been. Last night he told me he is all in with me, so it is hard to fully think of him as playing with me. I think he has strong feelings for me and we are both risking getting hurt continuing this. I know if I leave him he will be very hurt and sad.
  14. Its just younger acquaintances and coworkers I am friends with on instagram and people I follow that I see it is everywhere. Its alternative lifestyle I guess. I have always been part of that to an extent. Im open to people getting comfortable with their sexuality and it makes them money good for them. My closer friends I actually hang out with are more like me. I think he is a little more enmeshed in that scene than me. He is a musician and is more extroverted with people. I wish there was a solution. im guessing I need to talk more openly with him and probably make the decision to l
  15. I was doing that and want to continue to do that, but this post has kind of made the relationship sound way worse than it really is. Its magnified so many things.
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