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  1. LonelyGirl...thanks for the advice. I actually have more info than I need at this point. The phone numbers/phone calls said it all. Ltltulip--If I have any questions, I will take you up on your offer. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Ltltulip32, Your insight helps clarify why some of those patterns might exist. I appreciate it.
  3. Hubman...I found out the numbers were to escorts because I googled, yahooed, or did a reverse phone search online. In some instances I found links to agencies and/or their personal pages that were usually connected through sites that provide lists of escorts by their city/state. Once I saw the pattern that was arising, I found a lot more numbers on sites that are dedicated to people who review the services they've received from escorts. I didn't call and talk to anyone. I did call a few and got female voices on the voice mails, but no one would have indicated their line of work on their voi
  4. Healing Hands--thanks for that thought. I will keep that in mind. But, if him leaving means I have to take care of the bills, that won't work. I will be able to afford a nice house on my own, but not one as nice as we live in now. Poco--Thanks. Ycmanvs--Yeah...you picked up on that important point. Besides a few battles about him staying out late (more than likely connected to this new issue), we have never had any problems. Even with that, I never considered that or anything else to be "wrong" with our relationship. He can be fairly guarded though; so I am not sure how vulnerable he'll
  5. Thanks for the well-wishes Hope. I do have a friend ready to take us in if needed, but I don't want to have to inconvenience anyone else if I don't have to. I'm working hard to make this all happen on my own though.
  6. Thanks Ycmanvs, My mind has gone to reconciling, but if I am correct, this has been going on for the majority of our time together. I feel like our relationship and marriage are shams and are built on lies and false pretenses. The length of time of this happening and the fact that he lied so well scare me and make it hard for me to see being able to trust him. I also wonder if the length of time signals an addiction...but, I think he would be adverse to calling it that and to therapy. I appreciate the thought though. I agree with you though...it is a long shot. You mentioning it at least
  7. Poco...I agree 100%. The scary thing is, though, that if I wouldn't have been snooping, I would have never had reason to suspect. We do very well togehter, have wonderful and healthy interactions, few fights, I don't feel neglected...nothing. But, it does make me think what else he has to offer that he is not "bringing" home because of his hobby. And thanks. Your extra lawyer thoughts help. Thanks for the extra insight ladies. I guess you all are saying I need to be prepared for him to be unsupportive and ugly about this even though I've never seen that side of him. Damn...
  8. Hope...I am absolutely thankful that I am able to get a job and support me and my son on my own. I wish it would be moving along a little quicker...this job search process is slow, but I am thankful nevertheless. I haven't quite figured out when I will confront him. It needs to be sooner than later. I don't know how much more I can sit around and listen to him talk about the rest of our lives together and our long term goals/plans like everything is alright. My thought on the timing was that I would leave (or be able to leave) right when I confront him. That's why I wanted a job (or on
  9. Doyathink...he ceratinly does have his favorites. There seem to be two or three that are called more frequently than others. The one he called 8 times in a day though, she's not one of the "regulars"...she was just a frequent number that day and a few other days.
  10. Wow...lots of comments while I was responding. Let's see... I think obsessed is an option. It seems that he's been calling these places/girls for a while. Obsessed doesn't make it alright, but I do think it's an option. Lawyers...I know. I have to get that going. You can get divorced without having to go to court right? How much can I expect to retain a lawyer? Do we both end up splitting the fees? I am definitely holding on to the phone bills though. I have to make copies just in case hubby tries to take/destroy them when I confront him. Poco...nasty comments swirl around in my mi
  11. Thanks Hope, Clementine, Poco, Scout, and Ycmanvs, I agree...I don't need more proof. I am still curious about these patterns though. Thanks for the thought about the money trail. We have separate checking accounts though...and we have different account numbers on our family credit card. I have always been ok with that arrangement, but now I think he preferred it in order to keep me out of his money. And...I am guessing that he specifically asked the credit card company to give us different numbers. Clementine, I've never thought about him running an agency...I don't know what's typi
  12. Hello All, The short version of my story is that I am pretty sure my husband is seeing escorts. After a little argument, he admitted going to strip clubs regularly. So, for all 7 years of our relationship (4 of marriage), he had been lying...saying he was with the guys when, at least once every other month or more, he was at a strip club. I was trying to get over the strip club piece, but the bigger issue was/is the lie and the fact that he had done it for so long and so easily. My gut never settled...I sensed there was more...so I checked his cell phone records. Tons of escorts are being c
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