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  1. Vaginal dryness due to peri-menopause or menopause is a very common feature and a source of distress for many women. This is due to this lack of oestrogen production from the ovaries due to the loss of sensitivity to hormonal regulation from the brain centres (hypothalamus and pituitary glands) over time. Lack of oestrogen production in the ovaries in turn decreases the amount of vaginal secretion of lining and secretion, leading to vaginal dryness and complications such as atrophic vaginitis (itch, discharge). Typically vaginal oestrogen creams can be very helpful. If any superinfections t
  2. LOL it sounds like u r still keeping ur hopes up. A change in approach may be better - stir the water a little - flirt with another girl in front of her and see how she reacts. Or be a real socialite in happy hours to demonstrate to her ur status in the social ladder. Though if ur not capable of doing this, it may explain why she's doing this to you - cos ur an easy target. In any case, she sounds nuts. Why would u be attracted to someone like this? And it doesn't even sound like genuine attraction with all the games. Hate to invoke psychology but maybe there's an attachment issue?
  3. LOL too good to be true - a dose of healthy skepticism/ common sense prevails. Just let it go man and move on. I can't think of anything else less worthy than waste time giving a damn about her. U could do soooooo much better, and u know it, though I suspect certain thoughts are holding u back. Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It is not our darkness but our light which scares us.
  4. Sigh. Man life can be hard sometimes when ur shy. So actually I met this girl at church. Last weekend we went to our mutual friend's place and hung out for the afternoon. And I would say we had some chemistry - I was myself because I just wanted to have a good time. But over the week I kinda just brooded over the thought of "Hey maybe she likes me" to the point of passive indifference (lol, like I can't be bothered with myself). Like, she saw me today at church and immediately asked me to sit next to her, and asked me whether I was going to this function this Friday (where she's going)
  5. LMAO the OP sounds like he's still really keen to give it a go. I'd say go for it --> tell us if ur fired or if u get burnt. Let's see if one single-minded power of concentrated will can overturn the overwhelmingly skeptical opinions in this post. In any case it makes good entertainment.
  6. "The book - written by a female psychiatrist - says that inherent differences between the male and female brain explain why women are naturally more talkative than men." I would like to see the studies and figures to back this up, and I would question the methods used in these studies to derive the conclusions... It should sound awfully conclusive for claims as difficult to confirm as in the disciplines of sociology and psychology. If things were this easy then Sigmond Freud would be God. But I should think I get the point - if a woman wants to talk, let her. It makes them feel good and
  7. Sorry long post! I met this girl a few weeks ago. I know most of her friends and we met through friends. We didn't really talk first cos she's cute and tries to act cute, and I would the type of person who gets a little suspicious when I meet someone like this - "What's the catch?" etc. So I kept my distance for a while, seeing how she interacted w/ her friends etc. The thing is, I tend to get on well with her girl-friends (and most of our mutual friends in general) and I suspect they must've put some good words in for me, cos last sunday she invited me to go round to her friends' for lu
  8. man, I would think about this objectively: If you were a girl, and you meet a stranger, why would you start touching his waist and starting rubbing ur breast against his back? WTH? The excuse she gave I should think is obviously not legit - because u looked like her "friend"? If I'm not mistaken, I suspect she is either (1) using u - eg. maybe if u had some sort of status in the company - in which case I would question her self esteem because this is no way to get urself ahead in a new job, what happened to honest hard work? (2) flirtaceous as hell - eg. she just wanted to pull ur leg to
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