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  1. Yeah. It was a big deal. Which may now be dashed. My hope is the trip either doesn't get cancelled, or I can get my money back. I read my insurance policy and it looks like my mom's medical condition may be a qualifying event. I need to call them to verify that. Of course if it gets cancelled due to a government travel ban, all the people who purchased passage are going to be up in arms with the travel company. I doubt they'll be able to just take all of our money and walk away with it.
  2. Couldn't agree more. The corporate armada is annoying. Nothing drives up profits more than fear. And they've got themselves a hold of a real juicy tidbit at the moment and they'll milk it for everything it's worth. And people buy it. That's the part that stymies me the most. But it's like anything that's bad for you, once you're hooked on it, you just want more. It's easy to find any source of news and information out there that will gladly bolster and support any one person's particular world view. Trying to make sense out of it all as a whole is a nearly impossible task. Just the facts would be nice but there's no profit in that. It's also not entertaining enough to hold the average consumer's attention span. Highly annoying. Ok, annoying rant over, lol.
  3. Regular soap works fine. Hence, why it was invented, lol. I just find it a bit baffling that grown people need government assistance in being reminded to wash their hands. But I guess nothing should surprise me anymore.
  4. Yes, that makes it more difficult for people who might need it more than others. Fear mongering. Gets good ratings. Annoying.
  5. Yeah, the store shelves are getting cleared out of staple items here. Things like hand soap, etc. Annoying. Calm down, people! Lol.
  6. Sorry to hear that. Maybe next year? I hope I don't have to eat the cost for this trip. $5500. Yikes. That plus I've been really looking forward to this for months. I've never been outside of my homeland before. If I can recoup the money, I can just put it towards a new trip in the future. That's my hope.
  7. I may have to cancel a trip to Europe I planned and paid for a year ago. My mother fell and broke her hip last week and my trip is in mid-April. I don't know how well she will do or if I'll be able to make the trip. Between that and the threat of a travel ban due to the stupid coronavirus propaganda, it's looking like this trip may not have been meant to be. Figures. It would be my first time travelling abroad. Disclaimer: I'm not annoyed that my mom got injured and I don't think the coronavirus is a hoax (although I do think the reports on it are being sensationalized). I'm just annoyed at the timing of it all. I do have travel insurance that I think will probably cover the cancellation if I have to go that route. Maybe I can look at that as a silver lining. Sigh.
  8. It's good to be a nice person because the golden rule is something that ideally all people should live by, imo. It's something I always make a conscious effort to do. But you also have to remember why you're doing it. It's because you are maintaining your own personal sense of values and integrity. You won't get any rewards from anyone for it, nor should you ever expect to. The reward is that your behavior is something you can own with a clear conscience, which is something greater than anything anyone can bestow upon you. You just have to be aware at the same time to make sure you don't ever accept anyone else's crap. Totally doable.
  9. Oh, I know, thank you. Just gearing up to work, that's all. Rolling up my sleeves, as it were. I'll deal with all of it as it comes up, one thing and one step at a time.
  10. Thanks! It hasn't even been a week yet and I'm exhausted, lol. Lots of changes I'm having to shoulder. But this is the adjustment period. I'll settle into it. It's going to continue for me once she gets back home. It's a long road ahead, lots of things to take care of. I've always only had to take care of myself in life. Now it's me, and elderly person, two dogs and a house. A whole new paradigm. Lots to do.
  11. If you're in a good place emotionally and mentally, that's a good place to start a relationship. If you're not, then it's not, regardless of the reason whether it be your recent past or anything else. It only requires one to be honest with themselves as to their level of readiness to take someone on board in their life as a romantic partner. Everyone deserves fairness. It requires self-awareness in order to be fair.
  12. She’s blocking you and you’re wondering why. Whenever someone blocks you, it’s because they don’t want to talk to you. That’s why. But instead of her telling you she doesn’t want to talk to you, she just blocks you. Which shows a great deal of immaturity on her part as well as a strong inability to communicate. Underlined by the fact that she simply doesn’t care or have much respect for you. She is very self-centered. People are their actions. They speak with their actions. Listen to what she’s telling you instead of asking yourself why. The only question you should be asking yourself is if this is the way you deserve and want to be treated.
  13. That’s fine, but don’t you want that sentiment to be mutually reciprocated? You deserve to be respected, honored and cherished. Nothing you’ve said here sounds like she’s willing, capable or interested in those things.
  14. Her hot and cold behavior is not respectful and should be a red flag to you. Her communication with is very poor, which leaves you with a wondering what you did wrong. Is that what you deserve? That is who she is. It’s neither fair nor realistic to expect her to change. I suspect that deep down you realize this.
  15. You don't exist to be her or anyone else's provider. We all provide for ourselves. If you start a family with someone, you both need to provide for your family. But she definitely does not sound like the person you want to start a family with. I would just move on and leave it behind you.
  16. He ended it so let that be the ending. It wasn't a good connection. He told you himself he was tired and didn't have the energy. Accept that for what it is. Close this chapter and let yourself and him move on to a better place.
  17. What were the two of you having misunderstandings about? Did she end the relationship and you two have now gone your separate ways? At any rate, she's been inconsistent when it comes to deciding if being with you is something she wants. You deserve to be with someone who knows they want to be with you. From what I can understand of your post, it sounds like she has finally made her decision and she is moving on. I would close this chapter and move on with your life and cut off contact with her completely and permanently.
  18. Because romantic love is sharing the innermost recesses of your heart, mind, soul and body with another person and having them do the same in return, you need to have the space available in those areas of your life in order to do so. If those spaces are still inordinately filled with thoughts and feelings for someone from your past, then there simply isn't enough space for someone new to fit there. But there will be if you're willing to give yourself time. Time to take stock in yourself, your feelings and your readiness to give of yourself in a manner that will make that love possible. Allow yourself that time so you can be ready to move forward when the right time, place and person do come along. Then you will have the created the space you need to allow someone new into your life. Time and space. When the two are in alignment, great gifts become available to you. Allow yourself the ability to gather these gifts. That's the time and space you are in now, I'd posit. At least that's how it sounds to me, for what it's worth.
  19. By now you should have a perfectly good idea if the two of you are compatible. If you've gone this far, then the age difference in and of itself is not an issue. Are you happy? Do you love her and feel loved in return? Do you both want the same things? Those are the only things that matter at this point. This is your relationship and how others may or may not perceive it is irrelevant.
  20. Well, we got her to agree to the skilled nursing facility. The case worker was very helpful. Once she came in and stated the facts, it made it very easy to argue our case and convince her. Thank god!!!!! Now she’ll get some good rehab care before she goes home. So far, so good.
  21. No, it won’t magically give you what you want overnight, but it is the first and most important step to getting there. The way to resolve problems in life, especially ones that seem large and discouraging, is to break them down into small, manageable pieces and handle them one at a time. In this way you begin to put one foot in front of the other towards reaching your desired results. The doctor can give you the guidance you need and get you going in the right direction. You then continue putting one foot in front of the other, one small piece at a time and before you know it, you’re up and running.
  22. Well, things are getting difficult already. The doctor said she needed an MRI and she refused it. He said she would probably need three weeks in an assisted care facility for rehab, which she is also arguing about. My brother, sister and I are on the same page that she needs to listen to the doctors and we are going to tell her so. I’m meeting with her case worker tomorrow morning to get more details. I will then pass the information along to my brother and sister and the three of us will come up with a plan on how to get her to cooperate. I just hope we can get her to come to her senses and stop arguing with the doctors and us. Difficult.
  23. Thank you. She got through the surgery and is doing fine, so that’s one major hurdle down. Now I just have to see what the doctor says.
  24. That’s very encouraging. Thank you so much.
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