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  1. Don’t want to slip When the weather is bad Using precautions When its necessary Don’t want it to suck me back in Like other times I see the sign But its like reading it for the first time Hate this feeling inside But love it so much Want to be alone with it But surrounded by others Leave me alone But don’t go away I need something to feel Hate and love for you Hate the numbers you produce Hate the guilt I feel when I give in to you Loving the feeling of it Of slipping away You are weak And you know it But you hate it Surfacing every time you please You don’t care when you come over Or how you get here You show up unexpectedly When I’m most comfortable And you destroy what little time I have to myself With no sympathy, you leave me crumpled on the bathroom floor Alone and lost But I get myself back up And kick you back out Vowing not to let you in again but you come anyway Like a vicious circle
  2. The struggle Just one day at a time Struggling to not give in Feeling failure and hopelessness when I do When i give in The feeling of power The feeling of satisfaction With just one bite And i'm done When its over It drains me Drains every inch of me Feeling powerless and helpless Alone and cold But Im struggling to see the light I see it One day at a time And I will reach it And no more will I be cold
  3. Never knew I could feel like this again As if I forgotten what the sky looks like Forgotten what the birds sound like I am free Free from the shackles you placed on my heart From this prison you put me in when I was innocent Free to give it to someone who deserves it Unlike you. You let the fire of our love die out It can never be lit again Somedays and forevers have come and gone and now all you are is a memory You carved your name into my heart But it moved into the back of it Nothing but a distant memory of love and loss. This is goodbye. Good bye to the person I thought I knew Good bye to the person I didnt Good bye to the love I once had for you Good bye to the tears i wasted over you Good bye to you.
  4. Your love is a drug I cant get over the high I need my fix And then you took it away Now all I have is a placebo A substitute for your love. But I want to relapse To hear your voice To feel your touch To kiss your lips To look into your eyes Whisper sweet nothings If only we could start all over I know what we would do different We wouldnt be hurting We would be embracing Never letting go Never losing our grip My one and only someone I am lost And you can't find me. But you will someday, somehow, some way. Next time we meet again I long for one more night One night of no regrets One night of bliss
  5. Goodbye my Toxic lover I can stay no longer moving on is something I must do You seem to have already Now its my turn Ive cried too many tears for something that seems impossible at this time. absense makes the heart grow fonder But mine is nothing but scar tissue You love me still And I you that will never ever change Maybe someday Sometime Somehow You will detoxify And I the same Then and only then We may have a chance But for now, I cant do it I cant stay with you My toxic love
  6. I’ll love you when you’re happy I’ll love you when you’re sad. I’ll love you when you’re angry And when you make me mad. You may think this is emo, I really don’t care. All I want to tell you And all I want to share Is that I love you And I’ll always be there. I need you to put up with me And I need you to love me Because I love you. You got a butt that won’t quit And they have these really chewy pretzels…. Five bucks? Get outta here. But what I’m trying to say Is that I love you And I always will. (Anyone catch the Simpsons references?)
  7. I'm the girl with the longing eyes Who is wating patiently You're the lost one Who is making her way back To where I am. I'm the girl with the lonely eyes Who watches you stumble and fall When you're so close. I'm the girl with the hopeful eyes Who watches you get closer I'm the girl with the relieved eyes Who grabs a hold of you I'm the girl with the loving eyes Who embraces you, never wanting to ever let go again.
  8. There is a girl Who knows who she is But she's in disguise. Her body isn't her own Her clothes aren't her own. She walks through life As someone she's not. She doesn't recogonize The person in the mirror Although it's one she sees Everyday. She's scared of being herself In this close minded world She wishes she had never been born She'd rather die than live a lie But something keeps her going. She finds someone Who understands her. Who loves her for who she is unconditionally She can finally be herself. And she can finally take off the disguise.
  9. Well, what if you met a woman who has transitioned completely and looks no different than any other woman? Would you still date her if you really liked her? Post-Op transsexuals live their lives as the people they were meant to be, and they just don't go around and tell people "hey, I used to be a guy!"
  10. Well, what if you were dating someone who has had Sexual Reassignment Surgery? I doubt you'd be able to tell the difference between a post-op transsexual and a bio woman.
  11. When I first met Michelle, she was completely stealth. After about 3 weeks into our relationship, she revealed that she was trans. I didn't care that she had been born a bio male, nor did I care that she didn't tell me up front. I had fallen in love with her as a person. I love who she is, and that is herself. Gender doesn't matter when you're in love.
  12. A little girl is Lost in the world Trying to find her way. She wants to be fit in She wants to be loved. A lost little girl Who walks through life alone begs for acceptance In this closed-minded world. She looks and looks All she sees is deception and lies. She's ready to give up And live like how society looks at her. Suddenly she sees a pair of eyes A pair of eyes looking for the same thing. The eyes belong to a girl who is lost all the same and searching for her place as well. They know who they are finally. The missing piece of the puzzle for each of them. They hold each other Like frightened children During a thunderstorm. They begin their journey Holdiing hands Its bright and sunny and warm where they are. When all of a sudden Everything grows dark There's a horrible storm Sleet and freezing rain. They cling to each other for dear life But a force breaks their embrace And they get separated. The lost little girl is back where she started Alone and incomplete. Until she sees a light at the end of the tunnel. She knows for a fact Her missing piece The girl with the eyes is in the light. She journeys over to the light But gets blown back Everytime she almost reaches it. Someday, somehow The lost little girl will reach the light. As for the girl with the eyes She'll wait patiently For all eternity If need be.
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