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  1. 2009 is ten years ago and this thread is 12 years old, feels like yesterday, time goes fast. E and I are very much together. I sadly have a very stressful week ahead right now but if an update is wanted I can write one in a week.
  2. You do what you think is best. I wouldn't be too hopeful for an apology though, she could get defensive and make the car ride situation all about you "getting feelings" and not being happy for her getting laid, some people will never admit to being wrong or tactless. Would you be able to handle that? But maybe she's not the defensive type making honesty the best policy, you know her best. I understand that, we want friends who care. Still we can't make someone care, either they care or don't. And if she doesn't care I don't think asking her why she didn't ask if you were okay will do
  3. She sounds entitled. Sadly I think she was just playing around with you earlier, if there had been any romantic interest on her part she wouldn't hook up with a guy right in front of you. And as you have been honest about your feelings either she lacks the brain power to figure out that someone who has feelings for her wouldn't want to be involved in the logistics of her hook-ups, too cheap to care or she is the type who likes rubbing it in. This might actually be a blessing in disguise for you, would you really want someone with that character? The space between you could be what you need, gi
  4. No, you don't owe her any apology, she shouldn't have asked you in the first place and you ended up giving them a ride anyway as you say. It depends on what you want to accomplice. Do you want make sure the friendship is okay, clear the air or put some boundaries? Maybe you could tell her that in the future you don't want to be pressured to give car rides to the men she wants she wants sex with, it's not your job and makes you uncomfortable (taxi drivers are overrepresented as murder victims). Or you pretend like nothing or maybe only tell her if she brings up the subject herself.
  5. I understand, it can be hard to hide, I'm like an open book too sometimes to my annoyance. It probably feels terrible now but know you are not alone, it happens to most people time to time (I've had my share). You did nothing wrong refusing to drive him, your car, your rules, you don't know him, and even if you did it's still your car, you don't owe anyone a ride.
  6. I think it was distasteful of her asking you to drive this guy home with her when she knows you have feelings for her. You don't owe anyone a car ride, it's your car. But unfortunately by first refusing to drive this guy home with her she might suspect you were jealous so if anyone asks about it just say you are uncomfortable with strangers in your car, which is perfectly fine to be, better to be safe than sorry. Don't give her the satisfaction to know she hurt your feelings though, the best revenge is to act like you don't care.
  7. No worries, it's good to take a break to think sometimes. Thumbs up for having a plan, being prepared is never bad. I wish you good luck with the situation.
  8. So he wants others to suck it up but others to care for him? Yikes. Yeah, I understand, I suppose you live together? If you don't live together I would let him find someone else to take care of the house, you are busy enough studying, but if you live together it's harder because then the house is your responsibility too, maybe just do the bare minimum until he comes home and you can do the rest together. What we find nice is somewhat subjective, offering someone a muffin as nice to me, but for someone who is trying to lose weight they might see that as sabotage. So what I'm
  9. Sometimes we can imagine the worst of people's intentions, for example a mushy boyfriend calling his girlfriend cute and the girlfriend misinterprets it as the boyfriend thinking she's merely cute, not pretty. So just make sure he really disrespects your time before you confront him. An open invitation alone wouldn't prove disrespect, in general an open invitation is a nice thing, but the attitude behind, the tone, body language, wording, actions before and after can make it not so nice. You feel as he takes it as given you will drop everything and because 'the holiday he planned without consu
  10. Depending how he put it I can understand being miffed. It's one thing if he decided a date with his kids to go on a holiday and said he could pay your ticket if you can and want to join, while still being respectful about the possibility you maybe not being able to, leaving it up to you to decide if you can join. That I personally wouldn't have a problem with despite being in a long term relationship, but we both pretty independent and it might not suit everyone. It's a whole different animal if he decided dates with the kids when you, him and the kids will to go on a holiday without letting y
  11. Volunteering can be meaningful. What I meant is, do you feel you have a call or mission in life? You say you feel a void. You say you would do anything for the woman in your life. I think most of us have an innate desire to give, create and express ourselves. Maybe some of that void you are feeling isn't about being single specifically but a more general feeling of not having a meaningful way to live out that desire. I might have misinterpreted you but you seemed to imply earlier that if you knew 100% you would die alone you wouldn't feel your life was worth it, which is why I ask if you feel
  12. Life is kind of random as you say, we are not completely powerless but we are not completely in control either, like a poker game, playing well matters but only to a certain extent, sometimes the odds are against you and there is nothing you can do about it. So it's very possible that you are doing nothing wrong, sometimes bad people get rich and good people shot in the head sadly. Knowing this, don't compare yourself with people in relationships, who knows, maybe life gave them better cards to start with making it easier for them which makes it an unfair comparison. Being happy on your ow
  13. I hope you will feel better soon JohnJohn and I understand it must seem easy for people in relationships to give their 5 cents how you should be feeling as single when they are not in that situation themselves. I can't promise 100% I would be happy on my own but I hope could (should my relationship go south). I know a energetic cool old lady who has been single her whole life, always new things going on and so many friends, I want to be like that, enjoying life regardless of relationship status. So ideally I want to have a good relationship or have none at all, which would mean staying sin
  14. Forgot to add. When we are into someone that person isn't interchangeable, wondering if there is someone more handsometo date out there is symptom of not having feelings invested in my opinion, which is only natural when it comes to strangers online.
  15. I haven't done online dating myself but friends often describe it as second job. Personally I'm not sure the illusion of options is the whole story of the fickleness of online dating, I suspect the lack of attachment plays a large part of it. When you date strangers you have no attachment to so it must be very easy to let someone go, there is no invested feelings, nothing to make their quirks seem cute, the person will have to seem pretty great on papers just to justify the awkwardness of going out on a date with a stranger. When you go out with someone you know from real life the chance i
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