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  1. This is me. i started to cry as I said it. the ugly cry. then he cried. i dont know if he cried out of pity or if he cried because I was making it unbearably hard for him to get away.
  2. very informative............but i actually tried to tie up all the loose ends and he actually threw in a "well maybe someday down the road but I need to be away from you for a long while now until we can talk again".......that kinda annoyed me because I was trying to escape alltogether completely and he is always leaving an untied end like that
  3. Part of my healing at this point is not even hoping that we will get back together, but instead hoping that one day he will realize how he hurt me and feel badly about it. I hope he regrets how he acted. I hope he sees how he hurt me. I hope he understands how he hurt me. Right now he just blames me for everything and points out everything I did wrong. It hurts. It hurts that he never appreciated me and that he took the beautiful that I gave him and threw it in the trash. Will he ever realize all of this? When I am long gone, will he ever regret it and see my point of view of things on
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