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  1. I still don't see a sense of superiority. I am just describing 2 people, 2 situations. And yes I said I did find a solution regarding work, I am going to do email marketing and a website. And I will make a living at it, it just takes more than a few months. No I don't take as many pictures but I would still give them all to people even if I took 300 like she does. It isn't hard to upload pictures to FB and tag people in it, thats what people do. Well everyone but her.
  2. Yes I know what she said. But she could not remember who it was who said it (apparently)...we have mostly the same friends so if someone really did say it, they don't really know me that well. I just think she said it to make me think she's right about me being negative, like more than just her thinks that.
  3. I have only talked about this with one other friend, it's a guy that has already told me his opinion of her before so I knew he wouldn't tell her, plus guys are just better friends anyway. He told me when he first met her he could tell she was needy, always needing to be talking to someone, always needing attention and adoration from people. I guess she told him she was bipolar but not to tell anyone, (he has some mental issues too so she figured he would understand). I guess I kinda forgot about that until now. Explains a lot. Another time she snapped at both of us for being worried about my car getting towed, and after we left he told me she is crazy and would have never paid me the money to get my car back (because she owes me money already).
  4. I guess I just assume people would do things for me that I do for them. Every time I take a picture with someone, I send it to them, or post it (asking first) tagging them in it. As i keep saying, the difference is I am trying to find a solution. I don't still have the same problems after a decade. My friend has been living the same exact life for around 10 years now, still having the same problems. Also another difference is she HAS solutions that she comes up with, but just doesn't do them. I had to dig deep to find my solution because it isn't something most people suggest, they don't think outside of the box enough to fit my criteria.
  5. This is how she describes herself. I am not making anything up or exaggerating. I am using the same words and phrases she uses to describe her life to me. Yes, I do. I listen to advice, I just defend myself when I'm being judged. I give more detailed answers to clarify things that people aren't understanding correctly. I come to this forum for purpose that it was intended for, to vent, to get advice, to not feel alone. I read other people's posts in here and see no difference between theirs and mine. I looked just now and people are describing their situations saying "bad" things about the people they are complaining about, but because I'm everyone's favorite person to judge and mock, it's wrong when I do it. Like I said, this will be the last post I ever make in this forum. I'll stick to the other forums and FB groups where people are nice. I could give you some quotes from my FB page but you probably wouldn't believe they were about me. What does that say about you, that you think a comment is funny that someone made up to make me feel bad? Nobody has ever said I am mopey, depressing, or negative. You will have to take my word for it, since there's no way I can prove it to you.
  6. Your friend didnt ask for advice though, my friend does. She literally asks "Should I..." and "what should i do about..." etc. ending in question marks, so they are legit questions asking for advice. I think it's kinda rude to start thinking about something else while she is talking, I mean yeah she doesn't let me talk much anyway but still, I dont want to not actually listen. And my answers are usually along the lines of "that sucks" or "oh how horrible", it's only when she asks for what to do do I tell her more detailed answers.
  7. So I take it none of you ever make posts of your own then? I hate fighting, if I enjoyed this, I wouldn't be bothered by me and my friend fighting! Your comment makes no sense. I don't come in here every few months for the sole purpose of doing anything, I just wanted to vent and get suggestions on the situation which is what forums are for. Like I ask every time and nobody seems to answer me, why am I being judged for using a forum with it's intended purpose!? It shouldn't even be called eNotalone, I always feel more alone after posting in here with everyone judging me and not listening to me. Just as you all think I have a pattern of "arguing", you all have a pattern of taking my first post and mixing it with all my past posts (as if writing a tell-all book about me) and judging me without taking my clarifications into account. I think this is the last time I will be posting in here. I also post in other forums and in many groups on FB and never get this kind of response.
  8. I DO listen, 99% of the time when me and her are talking it is her talking and me listening. During our phone conversations it literally is about 99% her talking and me listening. This is why I have to correct people in my responses because obviously you couldn't have known that unless I told you so your advice of "being supportive and listening" is something I already do. And I only tell her what I would do in her situation because she ASKS me. AGAIN, she ASKS me to tell her what to do. I don't want to be like her mother, she's 37 she shouldn't have to ask for other people to make decisions for her.
  9. I am not dismissing advice, if you'll notice, I am agreeing when I actually get advice (stop giving her advice, talk to her less, etc.) i think you are referring to just my responses in general. 99% of the time I am just giving more information that is clearly needed. I think when it comes to me and my friend, I know more details about the situation than anyone else could, which is why I feel the need to fill in the gaps. I see a lot of misunderstandings happening on this forum (in all my posts), in my opinion I think people just read too fast and miss some sentences where I clearly explain something, only to see someone's response saying the complete opposite of what I said, or saying something that doesn't match with something I said.
  10. I admitted that it makes me a little angry to think about this stuff while I am writing it, and yes my post is a complaint because this is really bothering me. I thought we were good friends and I hate fighting with people so this feels bad to me and I don't like it. And again I don't know why I get accused of this when this is a forum where people post about problems in their life! Why am I always singled out for it when that's what forums are for? As for the comments about her life, they are things SHE says. I am just repeating them to give you guys an understanding of what she says is wrong with her life. When she asks for advice, I can only go off of what she tells me. I am working with what her life is, if it's negative then yes she will think i'm being negative. If I tell her in order to take 4 vacations, yes she will think it's negative if I say she needs to get more credit cards! Because SHE is the one that told me her credit cards are all maxed out! I am only repeating what she tells me about her life.
  11. I can see how it would seem that way without more information about both of us. But I know me and her better than anyone in here could, and I see the differences. If we didnt have so many differences, we wouldn't be clashing so much.
  12. I will never understand how listening to someone and giving them advice when they ask for it is being a lousy friend. She has told me she prefers to talk to people who agree with her, she tells me all about it when she finds new people to talk to who tell her "your ex will come back to you, i just know it!" they are feeding her BS. As for her life being miserable, those are her words, one night at 4 am she complained to me for 2 hours about how she is stuck in her life and there is no way to fix any of her problems. Literally every suggestion I said she had a reason why it wouldn't work. Yes I know people think that is how I am too, but I just keep working on my problems until they are fixed, they always get fixed with the right solution. The difference is i TRY. She chooses to focus on escaping reality rather than fixing it and that is not my modus operandi. She comes up with plenty of things to do about her problems but she just won't do them. One example is she said she could work for her aunt's business, she just has to go tell her and start working. So she has the solution, she just would rather go on vacations and sit on her phone to escape reality. I try to talk about happy subjects, but she gets irritated at my optimism and reminds me she's in too bad of a mood to talk about happy stuff. She's very dominating in our conversations, either not letting me talk or talking over me when I get a word in. On FB messenger it's kinda the same way only she has to see my comments, but she just keeps going with paragraph upon paragraph of more complaining. I have decided that the only way to deal with this is to just say less, type less, be more busy with other things, pulling back more. I don't want to completely cut her out of my life though, I still feel bad for people who are so miserable, the last thing they need is a friend cutting them off.
  13. I don't know why people keep thinking the advice is unsolicited...she is ASKING me for it, every time we talk, it's a new thing she needs advice about. Obviously I care about her which is why it's hard to just sit back and not give advice, but trust me I don't want to be thrust into these conversations with her where she basically asks me the same question for 2 hours on what to do about the problem of the day, or the month.
  14. I hate using cellphones, absolutely hate it. I don't call people, ever. I don't text people unless I have to. The lens on my camera makes things come out blurry. I hate taking pictures with it. and I am certainly not going to stop enjoying myself to fuss with my phone when I am having a good time. I know that is hard for people in this day and age to understand, but i'm in my 40's and didn't grow up with a phone in my hand. If it isn't off, it's on silent so I am not bothered unless I want to be. That being said, I don't ask for my picture to be taken, she takes about 300 pictures at every festival, about 50 with me in them. I have never done this. She only got mad because I WANTED to share a picture of me and her together that someone else already posted. That's why the whole thing made no sense to me. And the photographers for these festivals post all their pics of everyone, publicly, and everyone wants to see them, so this is only an issue for her because she doesn't want people to see if she doesn't like how she looks in a certain picture. But she never says anything to the photographers posting them, only to ME. And I didn't even post them!! Yeah, will definitely not be giving her advice anymore, that's for sure. It's just hard to think of what to say when someone is asking you to make the decision for them.
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