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  1. Hi Super, finally I found u wise man! This is my situation until now: (see the link below) I get stucked in this situation. Is there any hope? Did I messed everything sicne I did not Implemented the NC immediately after she broke with me? Thanks,
  2. Hi Superdive71, still waiting for ur advice and it is worthy to wait. Thanks
  3. Hi SuperDave71 At this moment I'm at a quite same situation! My ex is meeting once in two weeks a "friend" she knew from the past. She said it is just a friend and nothing else. I never told her to stop seeing him, but from inside this situation makes me very unsure. It is about 4 moth ago she broke with me. We lived in the same apartment, but now she haves her own apartment. In the meantime we were still dating (no kissing or sex). Until last week I implemented the NC. Four days later she called me, but I did not answered the phone. My question is: did i implemented the NC too late to make her realize the consequences of her choice? It is not a game I'm playing with her. I'm also using this time to rethink about our relationship. I gave a lot and received almost nothing from her. I still love her... but I'm just I human not a prophet! Please do you have any advice for me? Thanks
  4. toonicegirl I believe in the power of thinking. It is not something new. Throughout the history of humanity people used this power which they could not explain. We do not disageer about rather it exist or not, but we do eventualy disageer about the explanation of it. I have studied western and eastern philosophy, and Sufi mysticism. They tell us about phenomenon of (wath we call in the west) positive thinking. Also Friedrich Nietzsche, Spinoza and Goethe wrote a lot about it. My Moroccan grandmother (my father is an Moroccan) warned me always by saying will get what u fear," "Never want things, make the things want u." And she learned this from her grandmother an so on. Sorry for my English
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