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  1. I’m going to explore my legal options as well. Why not?
  2. Kind of at a crossroads career-wise and maybe personal life wise as you can read haha
  3. Every day at work bores me. I might as well be cleaning toilets there.
  4. For Apocalypse Dreams New music from Rammstein and Tool. This is going to be the best 2001 ever! Rammstein - Deutschland [video=youtube;NeQM1c-XCDc]
  5. Don’t trust anyone above you at work. Ever.
  6. Tool - You Lied (Peach cover) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmkRHo4Vca4
  7. I applied to an internal position I meet all the qualifications for. Found out today they won’t even interview me. I’m only looking externally now. I highly suspect I’ve been blacklisted due to my health issues last year and that’s why I’m getting so much resistance on everything I want. HR told me not to get an MBA, the director of my department can’t think of a project to give me. Everyone who could help me is uninterested in doing so. And I didn’t forget about the position they promised me last year. I had brain surgery and literally no one cares. Backstabbing. After my absences last year, I’ve missed exactly one day, a vacation day since returning to work after surgery on 11/8. How would you feel?
  8. My parents’ neighbors have one. I’m thinking about myself and my people!
  9. Queens of the Stone Age - Broken Box (Live) [video=youtube;Mt8-gO9CcXw]
  10. In honor of the first ever image of a black hole. Chris Cornell - Black Hole Sun (Acoustic)
  11. I talked to my gym crush today. Some doofus wanted to work in with me or I’d have talked to her more and tried to get her number. Next time!
  12. Had a great date Wednesday night. So I thought. She said afterwards she didn’t think were a match. I don’t know why. I’m starting to just accept being single. I’ve cancelled Match, but I’m still on Hinge for now. Though it’s pointless. When I took that StregthsFinder test for Brad, my first strength was realtor. I am open and interested in everyone. And it does hurt when they don’t feel the same, like they take a piece of me with them.
  13. So delightful. Agnes Obel - It's Happening Again [video=youtube;YT-ECHaz4PE]
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