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  1. Have you recently looked around for other companies? Maybe take a chance at a start-up? I feel like you could be really good at that, working with something from the ground up.


    I’ve applied around. a start up would be cool but there’s no security. I’ve only applied at very well-established places and I’m very selective. It would need to be just the right situation. I have a lot of friends and a lot of freedom where I’m at now, but what they did was wrong.


    This wasn’t all about me gaining attention, though that had to be part of it in the end. It’s more about me wanting to grab everyone and tell them to focus on the story and not me as the storyteller, you know? The story is that everyone was navel-gazing and needed to wake up. Why did it take so much effort?


    I’m good at lots of things. I just don’t want this situation to happen to someone else.

  2. So what will be changing at your current company?


    I’m unsure. I’ve made it clear that I want to be included in bigger things. My department decided I would be, then that I wouldn’t be last year. I am being included in some project work, but am, as of now, still not on the team. We hear about our raises next week. I expect the usual 2% poop.


    So my new boss who is actually my original boss, basically asked fave to face if I was staying. I said yes of course, but that I wanted to be able to explore my interests. That was all I said. My director hates me now. Most at work think grad school is too expensive and I’m crazy.


    I’m betting on myself because they sure as hell didn’t. Last year my dad said he told my mom at one point that he about wished he had died than see me the way I was then.


    I didn’t forget. So they’re in or out. Same option they gave me.


    If they find anyone else floating around that can recreate themselves this easily they should hire them over me.

  3. It’s been a good month.


    I told my friend I hadn’t seen in a while about meeting the VP and the background story. He completely understands.


    Then last Saturday we hit the bar for a couple of beers after the baseball game. I love fall.

  4. And it’s always in the back of my mind?l. Did they demote me in title and responsibility due to my mental health? Cuz that’s not, you know, legal.


    I can’t tell the VP that directly. But I need to be tactful and tell him what I hope to see.

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