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  1. hey, thanks a lot for all the advice. It's actually really surprised me how not paying as much attention to the whole too-immature-to-conduct-my-life-thing has worked for me. It seems like the more i try to think less about myself, the easier it is to sort of 'go with the flow' a little more.
  2. I know I really shouldn't be complaining. A lot of people have it ten times worse than I do (or more), but this has been bothering me for a while. Yes, this is going to sound silly, but I'm tired of feeling immature for everything and constantly thinking like a little kid. I get angry over little things (rarely openly) like if I feel like someone talked to me in a patronising way (aka little kid way), etc. If I do show that I'm mad over something, it seems like people are expecting me to do that and it's just one more immature move out to pick from out of hundreds more that I've done. And then (this is going to soound even sillier) I've noticed that I'm really just not that smart either. I'll try reading, writing, thinking, talking to people, etc., but logic and words, etc. and I just never totally match up. I have to say that what I think about 75% of the time is myself and it's completely embaressing. I'll try to think about other things, but they almost come out to bizarre/dumb/off topic/ending up about myself. I really wish I could raise me IQ, even by a few points, just enough to be able to actually have coherent opinions on things that make some sort of sense and not be known as the stupid/immature girl that doesn't just roll off the opinions/personalities of others. So, if anyone could lend some advice, that would be awesome, thanks a lot.
  3. thanks a bunch, tried it and it worked.
  4. Once in a while if I can't get to sleep I'll take some NyQuil, Dimetapp etc. and start to doze off within minutes of taking them, so...if that helps, it would be awesome if it worked for her too.
  5. I just hanging out with a group of friends that I get along with really well and who I get along with really comfortably. That part is awesome, but I've noticed lately that since I've started talking to this group more, I've started to become more apathetic towards other talking to other people and I won't put in as much effort as I would have if I hadn't become friends with that group. Te others are all the same, but I don't really enjoy them as much as I used to. Don't get me wrong, the group I've started hanging out with really isn't stuck up or pessimistic or anything that I've described myself as above, and I don't particularly think I'm really that way when I'm with them, so it's more of an it's-not-you-it's-me kind of deal. I'm just one way with the group and another with anyone else. It's almost like the group is a sort of safety net for friends. I guess knowing that I have these friends could be a good thing in the short term, but it makes me a lot more withdrawn towards other people, so it's really more of a Band-Aid. Also, next year I'm planning on going to college, so I really should be branching out now more than ever, but things are starting to move in the wrong direction. So I guess really want to enjoy people in general more, but I'm not sure how to get rid of the general apathy towards relationships with other people not in the group I'm hanging out with to really do that.
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