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  1. I wouldnt do that if i were you. Some guys take offence to that. I know my friend told me about how her boyfriend was like that. I mean Ive only givin 1 BJ to my boyfriend and he loved it and I didnt want to seem rude so I swallowed. its not as bad as you think.
  2. I know my boyfriend loves his ears and neck being kissed. Also... if our in the postion where he is laying on top of you put your hands up the back of his shirt and run your nails down his back.
  3. Well me and my boyfriend joke around cause Ill go "So did you have any fun with Jill last night or was she lonely?" ("Jill" is basically yourhand if you put your hand out infront of you and spready your fingures out your thumb and inter finger make the "J" your middle finger makes the "I" and your ring and pinky finger make the "L"s) he he'll always laugh and not answer me. How can I ask him to make him think Im not just joking around like usual?
  4. Dont teeenage boys usaully mastubate cause they are not ready for sex? and... Is there a way to tell how much my boyfriend masturbates without asking him?
  5. I think alot of people feel the same way. Lol
  6. Been throgh two of them so its nothing bad I guess unless if it just gets worse as it goes.
  7. No my way of teasing him is sitting on him so he cant move and tickiling him. He is so tickilish. Its fun too.
  8. Hahaha I couldnt do that. His face would turn blood red. He is shy. Like if he gets like that hes not but if hes just sitting there and I ask him that his face will turn blood red and just look away.
  9. We are bothe 15 but hes getting close to turning 16
  10. I mean I heard of a pressure point right by the males penis. I mean could that be it?
  11. I mean he didnt stick his hands down his pants or anything. He just did something outside of his jeans and then it was gone.
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