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  1. We'll I talked to my girl tonight and I think it went okay. She told me I had no reason to feel that way, and was kinda mad in the fact that I thought she might not wanna be with me. We talked for about an hour and in the end I feel alot better about it. I told her I was sorry and didn't want my actions to ruin our relationship. So hopefully ill be better able to cope with this in the future.
  2. whenever I bring up the subject to her she gets annoyed and doesn't wanna talk about it. I try to talk about it in the most respectful, mature way I can. I mean, I love her, and she says she loves me, and everything has been great. We had sex regularly before she got a UTI, so im not sure what to think. It really makes me feel insecure. She says the reason is because of the UTI, and i told her there are so many things we can do to prevent it again, but she says she doesn't even wanna take the chance...
  3. My Girlfriend got a UTI back in the beginning of Janurary and it lasted for about 2 weeks by the time she was off the antibiotics. It came at a bad time with exams in university and stuff. Since then we havent been having sex. She says shes scared shell get it again during school, and its a mental thing. We still have oral sex, but no intercourse. Also, she usually would shave her pubic hair, now she hasnt since. She says she never has time. She says well start having sex again after school ends, before summer in April. Now, should I be more understanding of this change in her sexual behaviour or should I worry?
  4. My biggest worry is that she's gonna wake up someday soon and decide that I'm too insecure for her, maybe that day could even be tomorrow... But she says everything is fine and she loves me with all her heart... so I guess if I just stop this now.. I should be okay...
  5. What's wrong with me? In high school I was a loser, I was overweight, had no friends, and hated myself. Now at almost 21 I've completely turned my life around. I got into bodybuilding, I'm in shape, I look great, I have lots of friends, and have been dating a girl who I love for the past 5 months and its great, but every once and a while I feel so damn insecure. I've talked about this with my girl, and she says everything is fine. She says she loves me all the time, and we always talk about the future, and how happy we are together and it's great and Im fine for a while, then for some reason one day ill revert back and feel like im not good enough, or that shes found someone better or will and is just lying to me... when of course I have absolutly no reason to think that. Just today I was like that and I was feeling like such crap, I talked to my girl and said I was sorry for being such an emotional . She told me everything is fine, she loves me nothing to worry about, and it was good.... But I just don't wanna be like this anymore.. What the is wrong with me?
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