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  1. I dunno. Sounds like they were related though. My ex was an alcoholic. But you see....I've never come accross someone that had soooooooo many things wrong with her and knowing that she is a liar and dedicated manipulator (becoz of the kind of lies) I wonder if she actually became one by choice. Do you really think the person you know became one by choice???
  2. Eva/Gina - Tell me more about this person that you mentioned above.....
  3. She got a real nice mum and dad too. Really liked them. They told me to "save myself"
  4. Yeh - she had a few scams going on. She had managed to get some guy to sell her pot for her - he also looked after the plants - he just came around once a fortnight to drop off the money. She was leading another guy on by flirting with him (this what she said) so he would come to her to buy pot. He actually wanted to be with her - and knew she had a boyfriend and wanted to buy pressies for her blah blah, she was happy to string him along though. I ended that. But when it all boils down - even though I really like her folks and kid - I just don't like her anymore.
  5. She was always thinking if someone was trying to "pull one over on me" Like, my brother in - law was trying to help me out with getting a better job she said: "maybe he's just trying to get into your good books" (I was thinking no - I've helped him out plenty in the past) Also she tried to turn me against my sister(maybe) - only sublty - by saying "you go to see her all the time" (I hadn't seen her in 3 weeks) she then said "I just don't want to see you being used" She didn't like my sis - only met her once, but she knew that my sis knew about the cheating/lies. Lol, this can't be bi-polar like the psych said - this is the true person within.
  6. I've got a good memory and I listen - I usually take in what is said and can recall WAY down the track. I always wondered what she really wanted from me because she would tell me all the usual "love" things and I'd catch her out on what she actually did. Kinda got the feeling that she was just "toying" with me. Actions didn't fit the words - sometimes they did though, which is just confusing. Funny thing she said to me when I broke it off was: "I knew you'd always get your revenge.." What the hell is that? Does that show the true person within???
  7. It was suggested by a psychologist I'll say that. I spose the truth is pretty easy, come to think about it, however you dice it. She's just a liar. That easy. Can never work with a liar.
  8. Does anyone know if lying for apparently no reason is a symptom of bi-polar? My recent ex would lie about the smallest things - and also quite big ones. Like lying to people online about her age, job, boyfriend (she didn't tell ppl bout that one.) Others in real life that she was no longer on dating sites where in fact all I had to do was go online to see. It seems she would fit the lies to the "person" - tell them what they would want to hear. Plain as day lies that are easy to check out are lies. Also tell other ppl (a female friend) that she had gone somewhere else for the weekend when in fact she was with me. Just stupid lies that you can easily find out are lies. Other ppl that I had talked to would tell me things that she had said to them - the EXACT same lies sometimes - word for word - but used at a different date!!! Is this a symptom of bi-polar??? It has recently been suggested that bi-polar is what she has. She does self-harm and claims to "hate" herself. But maybe that is a lie too.....She doesn't even seem too fazed to be caught in a lie......Someone??? Bi-polar??? Or something else???
  9. She's out of hospital now. Her parents have drafted a "contract" that she has signed - basically outlining their boundaries and what they want her to do - ie: counseling/therapy and consequences for what happens if she doesn't follow through. She gotta get it right this time coz her mum told me they can't take this anymore - it's tearing their family apart. The psychs at the hospital think that she has bi-polar and that she has been on the wrong meds for a while now. I can't go back to her because of the cheating/lies - continual LIES about things of no consequence. I really don't know if thats a symptom of bi-polar??? ANyone???
  10. you've already found out everything you need to know about this person. He isn't what you hoped him to be. Don't waste any more time on this one.
  11. Time to move on mate. Find yourself a better girl.
  12. Get on this site and read all the articles - then read again. Read about the test specifically. link removed
  13. Mavrick - as you said - you admitted to doing it - I never have - and to be totally honest this is the first time its happened to me (lol at least that I know of) and I'm 33. Mavrick - when the next opportunity to cheat comes up - that'll be the test of your conviction.
  14. Rabican. Sounds like you've been reading the same material as I have.
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