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  1. Aww. Thank you for replying. Although i'm just on the other side of the screen from you, I can sense that she loves you. Actions are hard to fake, especially when they don't come from the heart. I'm really happy for you as it seems that you two are on a good path- going on dates, hanging out with her family, and meeting her father. It's going to be difficult, but I say stand your ground and prove to her father that you two are in this together and love each other enough to stay together despite the disapproval of others. It's really sweet of her to also dress up for you. I can see(sense) t
  2. Wow.. I finally got back to this thread. I started reading this in 2007 and when you stopped writing, it left me worried. Please update on how you and E are doing now. You know, I can relate to E a lot. I express myself better in writing and most of the time, there are so many things I want to say, but I get shy and I just can't express it verbally. I do really think E loves you, but she seems so selfless and has cared about you so much throughout all these years that she was always concerned about your future happiness. With the whole sex thing, don't think that just because you can't recip
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