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  1. Did you take the first pill on the first day of your period? If so, you should be protected. If you took it in the middle of your cycle, or around about, then yeah, it is a good idea to get the morning-after pill.
  2. I have exactly the same age gap with my boyfriend. I'm 17, he's 24. My parents were pissed at first, but after meeting him, they liked him. It also helped that the legal age of consent here is 16, so they allowed me to make my own mistakes. You really should have waited until you were 18 to tell them. Even so, they can't physically stop you from driving to his house. Don't let them get in the way of your relationship because of the age gap that will mean nothing in 10 year's time. And after reading your last post, inviting my boyfriend down to dinner was how he won over my parents =P I
  3. Right, first thing's first. Your husband sneaks out to make calls to another woman. The very fact he is sneaking out to do it should make alarm bells ring straightaway. Second, you say he can't have sex with her because she lives half a day's travelling away. I'm pretty sure if she didn't live that far away, he would persue a sexual relationship. Actually, I'm not so sure. I can't really tell without knowing what he's actually said to this woman. He may just be trying to keep in touch with her, and because he knew you might get jealous and him having a friendship with another woman, he d
  4. The phone can seem intimidating sometimes because you're not talking face-to-face, so you can't predict some of the reactions to things you say to her. But once you pick up the phone, dial the number and she answers, hopefully topics of conversation will just come rushing to your head. ...you posted this over a week ago so I assume you've called her by now anyway xD I hope it went well.
  5. That's one of the main problems with LDR's... not enough communication. When something happens to your other half and they don't make enough effort to keep in touch, it can get worrying, because although you know why they won't talk to you (or at least talk to you nicely), because you don't see them on a daily basis, you have no real idea of what is going on, what he is going through. He has told you not to worry, and of course, when someone is told that, they tend to worry =P but the probable fact is that you're irritating him somewhat by being so needy when he is trying to find a new job.
  6. Wow, after reading that I can say I am emotionally and verbally abused...
  7. Your mother seems like one of those people who won't back down from a fight and will continue until she gets the last word in. Let her know she is incredibly immature, spiteful, and you hope to God she never gets raped, in case she becomes hostile to herself. Rape is never the victim's fault. Never. Just because your mother wants to win a fight at the expense of your emotional wellbeing does not mean she is right.
  8. With my boyfriend, I feel, in a sense, the same as you, except I don't collect his used gum =/ I feel sad when I'm not with him but I can manage a few days =P I was once in a relationship where my boyfriend was completely dependant on me. He was very clingy, and it got annoying after a while. I realised he was being dependant instead of loving when he kept asking for hugs every 5 seconds when I was trying to do homework, and crying every 10 seconds. I didn't want to be in a relationship where my "absense" (I put it in inverted commas due to being in the same room as him, just not paying
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