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  1. But I was wondering if anybody knew an answer to my question, nonetheless. I recently read that PID can affect fertility...does anybody know how long it takes, if left untreated, to affect it?
  2. Oh wow, it breaks my heart to read that, and I really wish there was something that could be said to make you feel better. You will find that friends and families will come together,especially from such a small school, and support one another and that can only begin to help each other heal. We had 5 different incredibly tragic deaths at my high school within 4 months. Rumors surfaced with each and every death so sometimes it's hard to believe some things that are said. But in the end everybody came together, even if they didn't personally know the victims. I'll keep you and your high school in my thoughts.
  3. Give it some time and you'll realize you're better off. It's definitely a big adjustment. Do you regret it because you were together for over 2 years? I knew a girl that kept going back to her boyfriend after breaking up constantly because "I already wasted __ years with him"...I never understood the point in "wasting" a few more. I hope everything turns out well.
  4. I was in this situation at first, [i'd lost most of my good friends because of a past relationship-- big mistake!]. I've got one or two somewhat close friends, and a good amount of aquaintances, but I always felt inferior in that aspect to my current boyfriend who is adored by many. But then when he's been in town [it's a LDR], we'd hang out with his friends and I love them! I suppose it worked out for me then because now I hang out with them even when R isn't in town, so yay! I don't really see an issue though...some people are just alot more outgoing than others, what matters most is how your relationship is when it's just you two. Like somebody else said, whoever is the one that isn't the social butterfly can spend time doing things that they wouldn't usually do while the other is out with friends. Whatever it takes to have fun!
  5. Some of us can't help it!! But hey at least I'm aware I have a ridiculously loud laugh. My only major pet peeve is people eating really fast, shoveling their food down...my boyfriend does that...so I've joked and said "babe the meat is dead already, don't worry it's not going anywhere". I know there are alot worse habits, so I'm learning to tolerate it.
  6. I've only had about 3 years of work experience, and all of it was in retail. 2 1/2 years at once place that I left because my boss and co-workers drove me crazy, and the second one was only a few months long because the store closed. In those 3 years I've dealt with enough crazy people to realize I don't EVER want to work in retail again! Anyway, I'm job hunting right now, and I'd much rather work in some sort of office environment. I enjoy working with computers, filing, organizing, taking phone calls, all that good stuff. My only problem is, how to I get potential employers to consider me when my only experience is in retail? What are your experiences in finding a job in a completely new field? Thanks! Also- my college education won't help at all...I only took a semester before taking a break.
  7. I like my boyfriends little pot belly! For whatever reason, I prefer them over a six-pack.
  8. One week is better than nothin'...enjoy your time off, and good luck with your new job! I hope everything works out. ...and I was VERY happy to see the 'Go Irish!' lol.
  9. Well if it was just a random hookup then you aren't with them, are you? thereforeeee there's nothing to justify...maybe you just did it cuz you could, I know after my ex and I broke up, I had my fun, there's no need to justify it as anything other than having fun while being single. My apologies in advance if I misunderstood your question. PS- I've felt cheap at times, depending on who I hooked up with [wow I'm making it sound like it was a constant thing...]
  10. It's still a good idea to give 2 weeks, and leave on a good note...*you never know*. Unlike me, seeing as I went on my lunch one day and never came back
  11. way to go! it's not often you hear people happy to go to the gym keep it up!
  12. The past is in the past for a reason. What good really comes out of knowing the number of people your partner has been with?
  13. Just a thought, the baby-talk could kind of be habitual after awhile...my ex-boyfriend used to talk to me like that all the time. Eventually I would just respond with a 'look' and say "I have no idea what you just said..." or something equally flat and unamused. You should try it and she may get the hint.
  14. I agree with the premarital counseling idea. My sister and her fiance see their priest every other week and she said their relationship is 125000% better. It's definitely worth a shot, especially if the marriage is 'no matter what'.
  15. I had excruciating pain like that too, and it turned out I needed a root canal. If I were you I'd talk to the dentist rather than relying on tylenol.
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