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  1. This could be interesting. Count me in.
  2. This is something different... I can't pinpoint if it's exactly good or bad. This is why it's shaken me up quite a bit... I just don't know what it is...
  3. The problem I've faced is the lack of activities available to me at this time. I've tried computer games, work, and several mind-based tactics in order to defeat thoughts of her... While this works effectively, I still get the haunting feeling that something is going to happen... and soon... Really frustrating.
  4. You know what's interesting... The more I read about your story, the more I learn about mine. This is the hardest semester my exgirlfriend has ever had. She grew incredibly distant to me for about 3 weeks, then ended it... Stress does things to people. I tried to be there for her and she just kept pushing me away... Sometimes it makes me wonder if the reason she dumped me was simply stress related and nothing else. Sometimes it makes me wish I knew the answer... But I know that doesn't help me. I wish I could give you some advice on what to do, but I'm just as lost as you are right now.
  5. NC Status: Day 13 I don't get it... Today has been unusually hard for me for some reason... I can't keep myself strong and motivated for whatever reason... I keep getting this eerie feeling like something big is going to happen really soon, and it is bothering my entire being because I cannot detect the nature of it... I've been trying several different things to get it off my mind, but it still sits there... I don't claim to be some kind of psychic or anything out of the ordinary like that, but in the past every time I've had that feeling something big has happened a few days later... It's just this annoying feeling in the back of my mind... I don't feel like I can trust it this time because of what I am going through now, but it still continues to haunt me. Anyone else ever experience a feeling like that? What do they mean??
  6. Today I'm not really feeling too good. Saw her profile on facebook, and although there was nothing in there that would indicate she's moved on, it still made me feel bad. As a result, I downloaded a plugin for my browser that will block any sites of my choosing, that one being the one I chose for it to block. My confidence is still there, but I feel sad again. Sometimes I just want the feelings to stop. I thought I was stronger than this. Looks like I need more and more time.
  7. Too ambitious? Is that even possible? I would think being ambitious would be a good thing, especially since you were planning a future, a house. Thanks for the complement. I feel very good about myself as of current actually. The ironic thing is that this break up has boosted my confidence to a level it's never been at before. Sure it's still early for me to be saying that, but it's true. I feel more secure of myself, more confident, and far more attractive. This isn't saying I don't miss what I had with her of course, just that I've been doing a lot of self-improvement EDIT: Yep that last statement was definitely not what I meant to say. Now it is.
  8. The difficulty I see in even doing the bare minimum is that then she'll try to engage in conversation, something that I do not want to start. Not during the NC.
  9. Religious differences. She's atheist and I'm Catholic. She knew I was Catholic from the get go. The sudden issue with religion happened as we broke up. She never addressed or seemed to care before. Thanks isidore. I'm trying. Unfortunately we go to the same college and use the same facilities, so NC is even more a challenge. I've managed to run into her twice today. The first time she started talking to me, so I said "hi" and then continued to ignore her and return to reading. She walked away. As I left and went back to my dorm I saw her sitting down on a bench on the way. It was too late to turn away without making things obvious, so I kept going. She waved, I just ignored her and kept going. The fortunate part is her schedule is predictable, so I can time things so that I can minimize contact with her.
  10. Actually that was something we did before I initiated the NC. I gathered very little valuable information from her.
  11. So here's my story. 2.5 years of being with my girlfriend, and one day she just randomly decides that our differences in religion are a problem and breaks up with me. Odd, because I never had a problem with her beliefs, and she never seemed to mind mine. A few days later we reconcile our religious differences and try again, only to fail again a day later, this time for reasons unknown. I of course went the stupid route and tried to persuade her to come back. I sang her a song about us, and devalued myself trying to convince her that we should be together. Fast forward 3 days later. She comes by and picks up an archive of photos of us from my computer. She doesn't give a good reason why she wants them, but she does. It wasn't long (about a day or two) before I ran accross this forum and decided to accept the challenge! So I've been in NC mode for about 2 days thus far. It sucks, but hey I'm up for it. Yesterday there was unintentional contact however. I went to lunch (college), and sat at a table. She noticed me and just stood there staring at me. Not a word left her lips. I only saw her through the corner of my eye, because I didn't want to seem like I wanted her back, and I focused on reading a document I had been reading for the past hour, while listening to my iPod. She must of stood there at least 3 minutes before she left. So I can keep the NC...I've started an exercise program, I'm going to start working on my tan (shouldn't be hard, I'm naturally tan), and I've started taking new activities. I've also started hanging out with another girl, but I don't know if I want to take it to the next level since we've been friends for so long. So guys, I'm on NC now. What do you suggest, and what do you think of that random encounter?
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