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  1. Oh man! How could she reply like that after everything you said, if every man had that way with words the world would be a happier place! And the girl who GETS that kind of guy slaps it back in his face? Whaaaat?! I agree with everyone else, sit her down and talk to her. Ask her why she can't wait, why she responded that way, and why it seemed to actually take her TIME to rile up that kind of anger. You said when you guys talked on the phone it was awkward and she sounded upset...It went from awkward to boiling rage? Huh? Doesn't make sense. Then let her have it--in a nice way, I guess--tell her you were honest and sincere and she HAD asked for a response! How can she demand a response, then get pissed at you for being honest? It's kinda like that "does this make me look fat?" question...Ya can never win...
  2. I hear what y'all are saying, and thanks for giving me some advice about this...I'm thinking I'll tell her how I feel this weekend, we're going to go see Pan's Labyrinth, though she's already seen it. Then afterwards we're going back to her place for desert, so I'll tell her then. But to clarify, I didn't befriend her to get her romantically. We were friends for a month or so before any feelings developed. Heloladies: Some of what you said made sense, but the ending threw me off. Drop her entirely in a romantic sense, or just...entirely? I'm certainly not dropping her as a friend just because she doesn't return my feelings, that's...Well, idiotic. But thanks you guys again, I suppose we'll see what happens on Saturday.
  3. Alright…Before I bore you all with my tale of woe, I’ll bore you with back round information: I’ve got it bad for this girl. We met last September, but only started getting closer last December. So we’ve only been close for 2 or so months. Well she’s always talking about this guy she’s known for 3 years, over the internet and phone. They’ve met twice before, and she says she’s in love with him. As far as I know they were together most of September and October, then suddenly they broke up. I guess they’ve been on and off for the past year…So instead of talking about him all the time, she suddenly started talking about a classmate of ours. But whenever she talked about the classmate I always got the sense she was trying to push thoughts of the 3 year guy away, trying to banish him from memory or something. I asked her about it and she got way defensive, so I didn’t bring him up again or anything. Well, her and the classmate ended up going out for a total of 2 weeks. I knew they wouldn’t go very long, her and him don’t click in a relationship; more of a friends with benefit way. After that she and I started getting closer, she ended up telling me more about the 3 year guy. Well…They’re together again. Ever since we met in Sep. this guy seems to always be in the front of her mind, she’s always thinking of him and missing him and all this. I hate seeing it, I’ve got it bad for her, but I don’t want a girl who’s pining for another guy by my side. I want the girl by my side to be pining for me, lol. But anyway, we were talking a while back and I ask her how things are with the 3 year guy and this flicker of sadness goes over her face before she grins and says, “Fabulously.” After a little poking and prodding she tells me that things don’t seem the same. She tells me she feels like she’s the only one pining, the only one constantly thinking of the other, the only one missing and babbling to everyone who would listen about the other... So what should I do? As the guy on the side who’s secretly pining after her, and thinks he can give her what this guy isn’t, how should I go about advising her?
  4. Whoa. Tough situation, man. But I don't think you should do it. I mean, if she saw you as only a brother most likely she wouldn't even be thinking these things, but the prospect of death can mess with the head, and the emotions. It's wrong for her to miss out on all the experiences in life, but you can't put the burden of that on your shoulders; you can't blotch up all the holes that are being left in her life, especially if you aren't comfortable with it. Don't you deserve to have the best first sexual experience, too? It's hard to balance loyaly, love, and guilt with staying true to yourself. Hope things work out for the best; your sister staying alive included.
  5. Coming from a kid who met his mom when he was in the 4th grade, i'd say everyone else is right: just be natural and don't suck face with your beau in front of her, it'd not only confuse her, but freak her out. pay attention to her and make sure she knows you have a genuine interest in her--and her father if she's mature enough for that
  6. Have you ever considered that you're bipolar? it seems highly likely, i say you should check and see if that's the case. if it is, they can give you drugs to help you simmer down.
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