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  1. Well Scout he's starting out in basic obedience training, this right now is enough in itself. I know you of all people can laugh at this one.... The other night I tell Riley, "Ok, Rie time for bed ". He's laying in his little doughnut bed in the living room and he looks up at me like "yeah right Mom". So I get up, pick up one edge of his bed and try and coax him out, hoping he'll atleast stand up (he's heavy as a ton of bricks), but Nooooo, he backs up and digs himself in deeper. My boyfriend is sitting there and in this strong, firm voice. He tells Riley, "Riley, get up and go to
  2. and just another short note to thank all 96 of you for your replies, yeah they hurt and God did I cry but it woke me up. Sometimes you need that. Sloppy dog kisses to all of you, thanks again Riley & Summergirl38
  3. Well let me say this.. There were 96 people who responded to my question? and in one way or another every 96 of you responded with pretty much the same answer. If that doesn't wake you up, nothing will and to answer your question, things are much better now. After reading about 10 of those responses I went home and confronted him, which he didn't deny. He admitted to spanking Riley for peeing on his punching bag and explained to me that this is how he was raised. I in turn explained to him that he needs to look at Riley as I do his daughter, like a kid, my kid and that I will not
  4. Please, Please, Please don't think I am trying to be mean here, I am only trying to make a point, TRUST ME, I AM ON YOUR SIDE.... I have read your other posts from a few days ago when you got into the fight with him in the grocery store. Honestly, not trying to be mean, but in my opinion the fight at the store was your fault. He told you he didn't want to talk and you still persued him, walking him to his truck and demanding that he talk to you, which forced him to be a sh*t. I've been there!!!! I know it blows when a guy cheats on you, but you are better off to know now than
  5. It's not ironic that she mails him at set times, I don't know why she does it, but it's not 10 e-mails a day. And if he told you he'd stop, why are you removing his opportunity to show his trustworthiness. I couldn't have said that any better myself. Could it be the 8th is some significant day, say they started dating on the 8th and every time the 8th rolls around, she thinks of him. Take the high road and trust him until he proves he cannot be trusted. Otherwise you could look like the crazy, jealous girlfriend. Not that I think you are, but some guys do see it that way.
  6. I feel like a horrible dog mommy, so I changed my Avatar so everyone can see the little demon dog I love so much. Thanks again everyone, I feel horrible, but atleast I know how to handle it now.
  7. Honestly I'm not trying to make excuses Scout. I am only trying to describe in a little bit more detail what is being done, which is basically snapping that choker collar tight and maybe some butt smacking.. I don't want to portray my bf as some kind of monster here though either. He is a very gentle man (to me anyway). I just don't think he has patience when it comes to an animal. Maybe the way he was brought up, don't know, don't care, either way, I basically just wanted to see if anyone else out there has a SO that disciplines this way.
  8. Thank you so much everyone. I just didn't know what to think. I think you are right, Riley does need some training to say the least. But the bf needs to be told on no uncertain terms, hands off. I hope everyone isn't getting me wrong here. He doesn't kick him or punch him upside the head or anything like that. That's a big difference and I would have already probably kicked the bf's for it. I do have a choker collar on Riley, because the little was like houdini and would always somehow manage to get off of his collar and roam the neighborhood. The choker collar was only my la
  9. and can I add that his Rotweiler growls at me atleast twice a day and nothing ever happens to her. I feed this dog, play with her, but when he comes home she is his dog and his dog alone.
  10. First let me first say, he's a great guy, the love of my life, hard working, warm, patient, faithful, he treats me like a queen..... BUT.... I have never been able to have children, which I will say has always bothered me deep down. So I decided a few years ago since I can't have a baby, I'll get a dog. "Riley" my two year old Beagle is my kid and has been since the day I brought him home. Until I moved in with my bf, Riley slept beside me every night. I will admit Riley is a bit of a demon dog. When it was just Riley and I he had eaten my mattress, my couch pillows, my comforter,
  11. I have to give you some tough love here because I was married to one of those guys. The only way I have found to deal with an abuser (and that is what he is), is to put him in his place. Next time the name calling starts, very calm, but firmly tell him you will not take his abuse and name calling. You will not subject your child to his child like behavior. Calmly get up, take the baby and spend the night in a hotel. When you come home the next day, when he starts on his rampage (which he will), tell him if he cannot control his temper and mouth, he better get used to the fact of
  12. Misery loves company and I feel for you I went through this with a family member and God it was annoying. Nothing in their life was good, nothing ever went right, everyone was out to get them, there was such an overwhelming insecurity about EVERYTHING from their marriage, to their job, the world, family problems, you name it, it was bad. There was so much negativity it drove me nuts. You want to be there and listen to their problems but after awhile of that it's like come on, is there anything good about your life. There are people out there like this that always need to have a cont
  13. Oooh, that story lit my fuse! Ok, I guess I will be the rebel here and say "No Deal". Stand your ground soldier! I am a woman and if my fiance was in the military and wanted to wear his uniform to our wedding, nothing would make me more proud. I might even insist on it. To me, nothing is more handsome than a man in uniform, whether it be a cop, a fireman or a military man. This is your day too, be proud of who you are and what you do. Don't let ANYBODY take that away from you. Maybe remind her that it's that uniform that keeps her safe at night and she SHOULD be proud of it!
  14. I just went through this eight months ago. I also don't have any kids, but have raised a few. My BF's five year old is EXTREMELY shy. She wouldn't even talk to her father in front of me at one point. I took it slow and talked to her, never pushing her for a reply. When she was coloring or playing with her play-dough, I would ask if I could play too. Sometimes we would play together in silence. Sometimes I would talk and be silly if she didn't even crack a smile, It was still o.k. Until one day about a month later I was walking out the back door and she yelled "Hey, Where are yo
  15. This chapter of your life is over, close the book. Don't waste your time on a guy who won't waste his time on you.
  16. Sure I would. Maybe then my jaded boyfriend would believe that not ALL women are cheaters. Give me the address, ha-ha
  17. I did this once and my bf loved it. You obviously have a computer. So I went to Microsoft word and made him up about 30 cute little, colorful coupons, for example a back rub or foot rub that he could cash in at any time, I listed the expiration date as "Eternity". Some were a little more risque, ok a lot were, but all of them said at the bottom that this coupon is only redeemable when it is presented to "your name". God help ya if he wants to cash them all in one night. Good luck!
  18. I have dealt with depression and anxiety for the last ten years. I got help and learned so much about it. By going off by yourself and staring at a computer screen for a few hours is withdrawling from a situation that you don't know how to handle, this is completely normal. Does that make you abusive? No You are going through a lot right now, a sick wife, being the soul provider. Possibly thinking that things will always be this way. How am I going to handle all the bills?, What if she gets worse?. You are using that computer as an outlet for all the stress. I spent hours online
  19. Well in order to get the full picture here, I guess I have to tell the whole story. Fred and I dated in High School, fell madly in love and got engaged. Being that I was only 17 at the time and Fred was 19, my parents were against the marriage taking place at such a young age. As a typical, in love, seventeen year old would do, I rebelled against my parents. My mother found a note one time that said we would go out of state and get married because I was a minor and a minor could not get married in our state. My mother finding that note put a real damper on Fred and my relationsh
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