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  1. My husband cheated on me with a coworker when we were having marital problems during the first year of marriage. I went into a pschye ward. He talked to my psychiatrist and cried uncontrolably and said he would never do that again. He was extreeeeeeemly remorseful. After years of building trust again? I was recently let down. My husband has been spending thousands on prostitues. Excuse me.... I mean "escorts". I filed for divorce. Character and integrity mean alot and I now say....once a cheater, always a cheater and liar.
  2. Don't know what I'd do right now if I didn't have my babies! At least somebody needs me. Hubby is moving out this weekend. I'm Christian and trying so hard to not have hate in my heart. Thanks for being here CL!!
  3. Puppeteer, I'm curious. And I am new here. Since you're wife is the "cheater"....doesn't it piss you off that in CA, everything has to be divided equally? My husband is the cheater and I forgave and gave so many chances after listening to his (so called) heartfelt sorries and apologies and witnessed his many tears. I gave many more years than I should have. Everything we have/own is truly do to my doing. Now I have to split everything 50/50? Thank God there are no children involved. Feeling stupid after 19 years!
  4. Thanks. I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate the board. Can you tell me how to put in a profile?
  5. Hello everyone! I am new here for the past two days and just wanted to express my appreciation to you all for posting here. I find it comforting to read posts from men (me being a woman) and how they too have deep regrets, heartache, etc. from ending relationships. I am finding so much comfort here. Not the 'ol "misery loves company" comfort because I get tears just from reading posts here and wish no one had to go through this pain and agony of ending relationships or the cycle of make-ups and break-ups. I'm just glad I found you all. Thanks and I hope to enter a profile soon. It's just that I am 53 and feel like 33 and don't want everyone to get the wrong impression of me.
  6. Hey there. I'm hoping you can have a heart to heart with your dad. You sound like a mature young lady. Ask your mom's permission to relate to your dad that you know things. Explain to your dad that he is teaching you what to expect from men and that you may end up marrying someone just like him. Often times when we cannot change our fathers, we end up marrying men just like them and trying to change them! It becomes very painful. Best of luck to you kiddo!
  7. BeStrongBeHappy You wrote: "but you could also to be charged with adultery, and a much more messy, ugly, expensive divorce because of that." Really? What country or state do you live in? I WISH I could get MY way in divorce court because of adultry! I think adultry only applies to military personnel these days.
  8. I may have seemed flippant in my first response, so I'll explain and comment further. I have been married 14 years and should have left 10 years ago. He would keep telling me he'd change and we had bouts of counseling. He's a good talker and good convincer; even to the therapist. But, it always ends up at the same 'o, same 'o. I cannot help beating up on myself and feeling like I've wasted so many years of my life and the most important years! I was in fear to leave and felt no one else will love me because HE made me feel that way! Your husband verbally abuses you to make himself feel superior is what I think. He needs extreme help for that. Why can't he feel good and confident without berating you? What kind of role model is he for his children while he is emotionally abusing his wife and mother of his children? What is he teaching his kids? You didn't say what gender your children are....but he - is teaching them - how spouses should treat one another. I am hoping and praying (serenity prayer 1,000 times per day) that I have the courage to finally call it quits and no longer buy into temporary saneness.
  9. "As of late, there is someone else who has taken a great interest in me (male) and my husband is aware of it. NOW, all of a sudden, my husband claims he has had an "epiphany" and wants to work on our marriage and he is begging me not to leave him. Telling me he loves me, and he is now ready to give me what I deserve. Am I wrong to be insulted by this? Why didn't I deserve this before??? Its almost too little too late..... " Isn't it funny how when the ego is threatened it becomes 'If I can't have her or don't want her, nobody else can have her either'. EGO! Go for a better relationship!!
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