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  1. sounds good. but on the valentines thing i think that its a totally commerical day made by card comapnies etc. BUT i want to do something for him just to remind him i love him more than anything..... ?!
  2. Okay well, me and my fiance have been engaged for what, about two months. 1. its nearly his birthday and 2. its nearly valentines day. 1. its in april (thats how much time i have to save up) and he didnt get me much but he got stuff that meant somthing to me and he has bought me 2 gorgeous silver necklaces and my stunning gold diamond engagement ring. I reallly want to buy him something special but i dont exactly have ANY money or access to money to buy him something extravagent. i would make hm something but i have no time anymore and no patience. 2. i dont know if he celebrates it yet but i want to make it special even though i dont know, i want to get something for him or maybe just surprise hiim with something. I would REALLY appreciate the help because i have no creativity and i know what he would like but to be honest i couldnt afford it if i saved up for 2 years. PLEASE reply, thank you! xxxx p.s. sorry about all the grammar and spelling
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