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  1. i guess i really am that screwed up, well then, maybe its time to just give up. thanks anyway
  2. i know i sound needy its becuase i really really am
  3. i was thinking that you should just go, trust yourself, you know your not going to do ANYTHING and if you do, well then it does actually show what you feel about her i guess
  4. i know how you feel man. My best friend is going out with a jerk a rite player someone who still tells his ex tht he loves her ow yer but he still cheated on her, i dont want to see my friend hurt! why can some girls be so niave with absolute grrr cant swear like that
  5. since she seems like she is under alot of stress, then maybe you should invite her tell her to let off some steam or you could treat her, a movie, dvd a night out and then maybe next time she will think you earned it
  6. thank you so much i'm only 16 and my life seems so messed up, but noone listens simple becuase i am 16! i am old enough in alot of countries to chose to drink, smoke, drive but all of a sudden my oppinions dont matter. i have a skin condition that darkens my skin (it doesnt make me look weird just constantly tanned) but i look like noone in my family becuase of it and it freaks me out. my mum and dad got divorced when i was 10 and got back together 2 years later but still i cant forgive my dad for walking out like that he only left a note! i was having the best summer ever and it
  7. where is this party? hmm, jk jk just trying to keep you smiling mate, i am a guy, but i think you should re-assure her you love her if you do love her that much, or just tell her there is nothing in the world that would take you away from her, and that she has nothing to worry about becuase there is noone better
  8. its not all becuase i screwed up with a girl. i feel if i went back to England my mum would resent me, she already said "once your 18 you can do what you like, but your sister and brother is here and thats where we want to stay when your 18 you can go live where you like you can go live in south africa for all i care, but this is my only chance to live here and i dont want to leave your brother and sister" i felt completley un-loved this is at the point i had found out that i had screwed up, but basically what i think she was saying was we dont care about you as much as them? anyone else
  9. So i moved to Canada about 5 months ago, it started off bad, it got better i made friends. i made one great friend, and me and her started flirting, and we kissed about 2 weeks ago now, but it didnt end well. i am a guy and i am such a i keep wanting just to have someone to hold ontop of that i said to my mum i wanted to move back and now she isnt talking to me, i just feel stuck in life, i have considered pills and at the worst times i feel so stuck the only reason i dont kill myself is becuase i am to scared it would hurt, i wouldnt give it a second thought if it was painless, i
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