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  1. =/ i dunno if thats true...i dont think thered be anyone who would actually go up in front of a bunch of people and tell them that anyways. its also kinda late anyways...i already dropped out of that class... =/
  2. i did lean towards art and music when i was little...its something ive quit doing for a very long time though. i went through alot of my childhood pretty much without a passion for anything i think...thats what made me such a loser. all i did pretty much was play video games. i just started picking up my guitar again =/ im not that great at it anymore. even if i were though, i dont think i can make a career of it. i do focus on my eyes alot...but that doesnt mean im the only one that notices them...=/ after a while...it got me really paranoid everytime someone would laugh or whisper someth
  3. Im always so bored and depressed all the time...Ive been going to community college for the past 3 years, and I havent met even 1 friend. all the school work just leaves me stressing out all the time, even though Im not even going full time. Im just not motivated...I have no idea what I want to do even after 3 years of college. I dont think theres anything i really want to do, so I thought Id just go with Business Administrations. So I talked to a counselor at the school for the first time at the beginning of this semister and he told me all i need now was a speech class inorder to transfer. i
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