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  1. I just phoned back and it was her answering machine ... I think I also screwed up because I aint good at talking at the phone lol >
  2. ye maybe am worrying too much. U know ... I always had what some call fear of rejection or something ? Like now I am a bit affraid of calling her because there is a chance she could cancel or ... ARGH ... am doing it again O_O
  3. We do have other rules indeed. But to clarify things : the girl I was dating was the one I am talking about now. We arent together ( doh ) but whats confusing with that ? Maybe I explained myself bad in my ther topic . About the other girls, yes i passed on other dates but that just me. If I try to be confident with someone I cant do the same with someone else. Yes I aint involved with the girl yet and meybe it will never be something but hey, in the end there is only one that I will truly love and dont want to play around with others ... she came first so she gets my friendship first !
  4. Ok I will do that but anyway ... I will call her back in a moment to give her details to where we gonna dinner this saturday ... found a cool resto in town !Is there something I could tell her more maybe ?
  5. The more crazy they are the more I like them I am some kind off lunatic in my own way
  6. That sounds interesting ... so maybe I shouldnt tell her what i said now to give her space ? My question is how am I supposed to react ? I seek some kind of confirmation because she makes me very confused
  7. I saw her at work 1 week after our first date but since we have only small breaks we didnt had alot of time to talk. To me she seemed pretty cold since she didnt talked about our last date. She just confirmed she wanted to go out saturday again but she sounded uncertain to me :S
  8. Ok so since a week i asked some advice about different things on this forum and I must say most advice was a great help for me and I wanted to thank to people of ENA. So to resume short what happened -I went on a date with a girl i know from work, we had a great time but nothing happened yet. -We said we would date again, but she said it only be ok this saturday ... that meas 2 weeks after the first one. -She became distant in her ¸messages, no more flirting like she used too. Its always me who call/message her first. - I THINK she is dating someone else aswel but am not quiet sure. From the advice i took, i am 90% sure she isnt interested anymore in me but since she didnt called off the date MAYBE she still is however maybe she also want things to end in silence. So I will call her and this is what am going to say : "I noticed last week u became more distant toward me then before, maybe because of sonething I did or said ?. That made me ask myself the question if u really had the need to date me ?" I ask her this because I dont want to get involved in something heartbreaking. If she wants to date me I think she should make it more clear toward me. I aint selfish but I can tell u that in those 2 weeks I missed other occasions with other girls ( I dont date different people at the same time ). And I dont think I get the attention I diserve IF she likes me. I do like her but it is like I get nothng in return. Should I tell her what i wrote above or is it a bad idea ?
  9. I once told that to a girl and she liked it. I hope not everyone is that cliche.
  10. well she is doing a very important endyear stage for school atm >
  11. dam I already thought so aswel ... but why dont she tell me then ? If she is not interested why date me ?
  12. I wonder how long is good between dates ? My 2nd date now will be 2 weeks after the first one. Thats is because she cant go before she said. 2 weeks is bad nd too long or is it fine ? I respect others people shedule but if it takes that long does the other person really likes you ? Dont u have the need to c someone more often if u like him ?
  13. Ok thnx but I never said I wanted a cycle / car to be a bad boy
  14. I am thinking since some time about buying a bike but my friends say a car is better for any wether and for when u have to bring people to parties.
  15. ye thats a bit what I tryed to explain ! I think in that case it hasnt anything to do with being egoistic
  16. Any other ideas yet ? something that can show I have a romantic feeling but isnt too strong ? I know that if I choose somethign it will often be to strong because thats the way I am
  17. Well yes first of all in Belgium its easy to travel but sometimes like I said it can be annoying. The girl I date owns a car. I do have money for a car but I need it for alot of other stuff
  18. Hi here I am again with an evident question -_- I am 20 but since I study in another town ( I live in a room i rent 5 days each week ). Thats one of the reasons I dont have a car ... I have other plans with my money and I dont really need one atm. But it often anoying ... I want to drive girls back home or take friends with me easilier. Atm I always have to make "rendez-vous" to a particular place. I experienced some cases where not having a car was sometimes annoying for dating ... especially if its in another town -_- Do u think the fact I dont have a car can have serious impacts on dating ? By that i DO NOT mean I would want a car to brag with ... its all about the practical aspect of having a car
  19. no flowers ? I was going to buy a rose for the girl I am dating with ( didnt kissed her yet ) witha small message on it ( like a oneliner ). So u mean this is a very bad idea ? Lots of people always say u dont have to come over too strong but in my opinion that isnt hard at all what do u think ?
  20. Uhm ok, I agree with all what u say but maybe I explained myself in a wrong way. My point of view was not self-cenered at all. OFC she can have her own friends etc and i can perfectly understand sometimes she dont always want me with her but to me ... that other date she had just didnt felt like an investigation -_-. But after all maybe its all in my head. Also in the country where i come from we think differently about this ( no offence to your way of thinking ). It could be also me who is totally wrong. In fact I have only few experience with serious dates. But thats why I made an account here ... to learn
  21. thanks for the good reply's. I will try to make the best out of it first of all. I still think the signs are getting obvious that she doesnt want to go farther with me but anyway, I have nthing to loose anymore. The multiple dating made me think ... it is true that I could me aswel go out with other girls at the same time but I never did because I think its not right > Ok I understand u can be attracted by more persons together but saying to both " I like u" sounds like playing with their feelings to me. I mean ... u could create some expectations to the other girls while in fact u dont give a crap. But thats just me. I never did it ecause I dont want a girl to do that to me. But in the end ... I think am being to nice too often. I will give it a try once maybe.
  22. Then I have some serious issues : 1) I wanted to make her a gift for valentine 2) the guy is going out BEFORE I go out with me and am angry something could happen
  23. I heard the girl I am going to redate saturday is also going to date another guy thurday. When I hard that I felt cheated, even though we are not together. I feel like she is just going out with me out of pity and this may explain a few things like why since a few days she doesnt flirt anymore. I dont want her to think I am jalous ( I obviously am jalous ) so I just shut it about that other guy. Do u think I still have a chance with her ? Because I want that girl bad. And I fell even more guilty now because nothing happened the first date so she may also think I am an obsolete guy ( in fact I am very shy ) and thats why she dates another guy aswel ? I fell sad , confused and angry both all together and because of that I cant focus on the others aspects of my life. Actually I thought this would all make me go better but it makes me suffer more then I basically thought. Help me with advise plz
  24. well thnx for the quick replys I will give it a try but I really hope it is like some of u said. Btw on my second date, since its valentine soon , i wanted to buy a single rose befre we went to dinner. Is that too "oldstyle" or maybe even too strong ? What u think ? Exept the bodytalk i wanted to give her a little present in order to make sure she doesnt think i am uninterested >
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