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  1. Thanks guys and gals, I kind of thought that was the problem. We abstained last night as to allow me to recharge so I should be good to go tonight after work I'll let you know if there is still trouble tonight after a night off. . . .
  2. Ok - I'm a male in my early 30's, and I experienced something this weekend that I haven't experienced before. I couldn't climax. I have a new girlfriend and we have been really active for the last month, but I have never had a problem reaching orgasm until last night. I was hard - and stayed hard - but after about 20 minutes she was like aren't you going to finish? and I couldn't finish. I don't know if it was because this was the 6th time in the last 3 days or if I was "trying" too hard to finish? Anyone have any ideas or have any experience with this? I'm not on any medications that
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